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SoE | Battle Plan for the Tactical Take-down of the New World Order

    SonOfEnos – April 22nd,2023

    How the French Revolution Freedom Fighters could employ battle tactics to defeat the criminals wearing government issue Riot Gear. Firearms are great but not necessary for it’s the mind that makes one truly dangerous.

    The path ahead has been revealed, everything’s coming to together, and things are about to get REAL. Here’s what to expect, so you can be ready.

    Watch till the end to learn the most valuable piece of knowledge every Pureblood needs to know to win in court. Truly, this is an inspired check-mate move.

    I’ve been able to continue this fight thanks to God’s grace and your help. Got some serious skin in the game, and your contributions are needed and greatly appreciated

    Thank you, and God Bless 🙏

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