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Situation Update, Feb. 11th, 2021 – Covid “variants” are FICTIONS deployed as political weapons against human freedom

    Health Ranger Report – Feb. 11th, 2021

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    Health Ranger Report

    1 thought on “Situation Update, Feb. 11th, 2021 – Covid “variants” are FICTIONS deployed as political weapons against human freedom”

    1. ppl talk about meeting in the middle. How do we meet in the middle on the subject of gender? You are absolutely correct in saying there is male and female and the factual evidence presents itself 99.999% of the times a person is born. That is a fact. On the other hand, as I am a total conservative, republican, Trump fan and believer in God most of all, in my researches, there are many many examples of ppl who have visited with the highest on high Angels who they could not tell you whether the angel was male or female. This is not to be confused with the “confusion” with which individuals are faced in order to determine their own sex, which is the case in this day and age… CONFUSION! A balance of both feminine and masculine qualities within one’s self is inevitable for all souls. This physical reality with which we’re presented, obviously and factually has male and female. If the Godless left realized they were actually working towards a thing God has made inevitable, they’d probably rethink themselves LOL

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