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Shocking facts and concrete evidence of U.S. President Joe Biden’s governance of Ukraine pureblood – May 22nd, 2023

    Shocking facts and concrete evidence of U.S. President Joe Biden’s governance of Ukraine. This sensational investigative film reveals the corrupt plans to rob the Ukrainian people by the Biden family, reveals scan copies of invoices and documents confirming that the Biden clan has turned Ukraine into their pork and the Ukrainians into their slaves. We need to know the truth – Ukrainian Lives Matter

    1 thought on “Shocking facts and concrete evidence of U.S. President Joe Biden’s governance of Ukraine”

    1. Biden and Zelensky are just figureheads doing the dirty work for the illuminati: the Bankers, Royals and other billionaires and trillionaires. Zelensky is a drug addict equal to Hunter Biden, former gay male prostitute, to the illuminati jews. Hunter is a drug addict, an actor to be their actor, to do their bidding. Joe Biden is a pedofile. They just play out the roles on orders from the illuminati. The real MONEY in Ukraine is not money we know. It is a different currency altogether. The currency they have in Ukraine is what the illuminati use as their own private currency. It is sourcing adrenochrome, which has been going on forever there in Ukraine, where women were being paid to give birth as a job, thinking they were going to be adopted by foreigners. No, they were being used for adrenochrome. The illuminati are those private jewish central bankers who care nothing about money, they print it out of thin air. The freemasons work for them, as actors and get money so the secret things the Banker/illuminati do remain secret. They have been doing it since the first money system arrived in ancient Babylon.
      They have been scamming the world through their puppets they pay to act out their plans for them and everyone blames these actors and believes they are acting on their own, for their own selfish reasons.
      The truth is: they have no choice and are terrified of the illuminati. so much so, they would rather die than tell the truth about them.
      They have been killing children for adrenochrome since they first arrived.
      They arrived when a certain tribe of jews, the tribe of Ashkenaz, sold their souls to Satan.
      They called for the crucifixion of Christ on orders from Satan and Barabbas was freed.
      For that they and all their children, are born with no souls, and they fully belong to Lucifer from their first creation, all the way back to when each one was first born in their very first lifetime.
      They are the Ashkenazi jews of this age, “His blood be on our hands and our children’s forever.”
      They have no knowledge, comprehension or understanding or any connection to the God who created us, the gentiles. They have one master, Satan.
      They have been serving the illuminati since they first were created. The future and the present changes the past if you lose your soul, and give your soul to Satan taking him and disowning God, your entire history is gone and replaced by a soulless body that is under the total control of Satan from that time until the time you sold your soul. The present time that you sold your soul will be your last lifetime. Worse any children you have if you are a woman will also be born soulless and belong to the devil. They will have only one life, and die, and go straight to Hell after it. A person without a soul is a psychopath and a vehicle, a vessel for any demonic entity of Hell to use and possess completely. Soulless people have no free will and can only be used by the devil.
      In the future, when people take the mark of the beast, they lose their soul forever. That means, that in all their previous incarnations, they are also not people who have souls, but are used by Satan.
      He now has a 200 million soulless army on earth because of the future: Mark of the beast that will take souls, all the way back to the beginning of their creation.
      That is compounding all the evil and the power of Satan on this earth exponentially.
      This world is becoming rapidly more evil in the present and in the past, all the way back to the beginning after the flood. So much so, that this world will have to be cleansed by fire.
      Ukraine is being set up as the hub to which all the children of the coming WW3 and civil wars will be sent to and create an super hub for the sole industry of secret adrenochrome processing from birthing, abduction, farming, of children in factories and the transportation of the adrenochrome to the illuminati.
      The illuminati are” Moloch Mammon Iniquity, which is the collective never human, fallen angels of Hell, the nephilim. They never die. They are spirits and they can live in any soulless body they choose.
      Since a certain tribe killed Christ, and were offered for it: all the power and money in the world, they got their first bodies to inhabit. They used them to change the way you earth humans all lived, and make a money system to enslave you with. A money system that was used to take souls and make what we have today: a world owned and run by the illuminati, who are the enemies of God, your souls and all that is holy.
      The money all over this world is used by the illuminati to give them what they need to exist here and battle with God for your souls: adrenochrome. It was always what they lived on and their most important resource. Yes their organ harvesting and graft and corruption, but it is all orchestrated from the top down to pathetic loser actors like Biden and his son and Zelinsky, they have money, but they are SLAVES to the most demonic and evil hideous monsters from HELL. They are terrified of them. If you knew the truth you would go after the bankers, the Royals and the billionaires like the Rockefellers, and Rothschilds, Soros, Klaus, Musk, Gates the ones who have no souls. You would destroy their power by disav=bleing the money system now, and freeing yourselves from it before it is too late to save any souls on earth.
      But you love money more than you love God or your souls, and that is why this world is so evil. That is why you are helpless and impotent against the devils of Hell, you love their money and they own you that way.
      You are all materialistic, shallow and superficial people, who never look beyond the surface for the truth and the real answers. You must look past the surface and see deeper to find the truth, and lonely then can you be set free.
      Instead you chase after their ridiculous and absurd straw men that are just actors, set up to be the boogie men that do their bidding and take the blame for the real source of all evil on this earth: the illuminati, who are not even from this earth, they are alien beings from Hell, and all the high level freemasons know that to be true. They all have to obey them, and they make no decisions on their own. Zelensky makes no choices or decisions, he acts his role the one the illuminati dictates to them and the same with the Bidens, even Muck and Klaus, just follow orders and do as they are told only. Those who belong to the Illuminati belong to Satan and have absolutely no free will. They are just figureheads to take the blame. They are also complete idiots, because once you lose your soul, you also lose all intelligence, and become insane, and miserable, and will never know any happiness again.
      Nothing of God will ever exist in you again. They are the biggest losers.
      When you go to the 33 degree of freemasonry and must sell your souls, you will never know any peace, or happiness or even be able to be intelligent, logical or reasonable in your thinking.
      Zelensky was a comedian, he was funny, and humor takes intelligence, but he has lost all that now. He uses drugs 24/7 now. Unless he is called to do an acting job for the illuminati.
      They will devolve into demons and they will spend eternity in Hell for what they have done and will continue to do for Satan. Biden and his son also, have lost anything and everything they had from God and are empty, ruined and miserable unable to ever know any joy or goodness or anything else that comes only from God Almighty, through Jesus Christ his son.
      All you have to do to free this world of evil, is to deny to the illuminati that their money has any real value. Tell them you no longer want it. God back to the way you lived before the money system came. Be free and be happy children of God almighty. Know he is King and he will give you everything you need to be happy and prosper as one people, loving one another as he loves you. If you continue as you are selfish and competing against each other for the most money, you will all perish to eternal Hell. Take back your world from the illuminati. Lock them up below the earth in Hell where they came from. They come from Hell. The fake space program, and CERN are only about uniting this earth and Hell as one kingdom under Lucifer. Soon if you do not change, very sadly, you will all know what I have written here is true.

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