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Russian Hackers Launch Massive Worldwide Cyberattack, Martial Law Incoming, Could Be The Storm

    SonOfEnos – June 20th, 2023

    Russian Hacker Collectives have successfully compromised governments, central banks and infrastructure systems around the world, including the US Department of Energy. Which is why we are seeing reports of military movement, tanks on the streets, and military aircraft over civilian areas all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. Something big is going down, but the question is what? Watch this episode to find out.

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    2 thoughts on “Russian Hackers Launch Massive Worldwide Cyberattack, Martial Law Incoming, Could Be The Storm”

    1. It is the NWO’s final takeover.
      This last war is the one that seems like different nations fighting one another and civil wars.
      But, it is not, only the impression of that.
      All wars are the same war putting a certain group of people in control=the satanists.
      This final War will unite its power world wide.
      This final will establish a permanent inescapable One World Order under Satanist, that is evil, the kingdom of Hell on earth. It will eventually be called just “the Order” which is what the top Luciferians call Satanism.
      We were warned of this back on the 13 December 2013
      Urgent call of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to humanity

      The New World Order is about to be established
      “My peace be with you.

      My Warning is coming, it is just missing few bells of mercy to consume everything in its totality. After the Warning and the Miracle, the days of purification will come and only a remnant of you will be left and they will be called people of God.

      My children, the men of science, allied with the kings of nations at the service of My adversary, are inquiring to create a lethal gas and a bacterium, which will be spread out through the air in many nations; they are seeking to exterminate a great part of humanity.

      They will take advantage of the time of war to carry out this genocide. Be very careful, My people, because they will proliferate vaccines and not all of them will be for the benefit of your health; many of these vaccines have the aim of exterminate the population of the poorest and underdeveloped nations.

      The global population will be decreased especially the kids and the elderly. In many countries they are carrying out days of sterilization for women with the complacency of their governments; their goal is to sterilize young women so that life is not born.

      O kings of the wicked nations, your days are counted, weighed and measured! Your nations will disappear from the face of earth through the fire of My Justice that will fall upon you from the sky! All those nations that commit injustices toward My people and break my Precepts (Commandments), are going to be wiped out and will no longer be remembered.

      My flock, I announce that the New World Order is about to be established; all those nations that are not going to accept this ruling, will be sentenced to die of hunger and thirst. Their lands will be confiscated and usurped, their population will be enslaved; all their resources and goods will be taken over by foreign governments and these poor nations will lose their identity.

      The New World Order will enslave My people and will make them go through the desert of purification.

      My children, signals in the sky are intensifying; you will be showed celestial phenomena never seen before by any eye in order for you to prepare for My next coming. The whole universe will be shocked by the transformation of My Earth. Open your hearts wide, because the days of My Divine Justice are approaching!
      There is more: here is the source:
      This will begin around the US birthday July 4th and will most likely end July 17th.
      Then the horror will begin.
      Our only hope is the taking down of all technology, & Hacking, but also God will send many natural catastrophes and disasters even the eruption of Yellowstone to save us. Fire will rain from the sky.
      It must be. Read Matthew chapter 10.
      It will be mostly GENOCIDE. It is for Genocide of Billions to consecrate in Blood and gore satanically the earth to Lucifer, just as they did in Russia and China.
      Also they need to outnumber those who seek freedom and terrorize and oppress the survivors into submission.
      I pity those who serve in the military, they will lose their souls as accomplices to the NWO satanists.
      The NWO could not takeover, without the willing cooperation and participation of the military
      They want to take as many souls as possible before God ends this, and they the Luciferians, the satanists and those who serve them and take their side, will be taken with them.
      For those who survive there will be a new heavenly beautiful sane earth.
      Anyone who works against the NWO for God will be forgiven and saved.
      Many miracles will occur at the end.
      Do not fight evil with evil, do good, and overcome evil with good to be saved at the end.
      Have faith, hope and charity, and do not take any nanotechnology or vaccines.
      God will protect his own.
      All the farms that have food growing will be sprayed with poisons.
      The food and water and air will be poisoned.
      all legal and illegal drugs will be poisoned and cause death.
      Only your relationship with God can save anyone under what is coming.
      Only a few will survive. Don’t worry about saving your life.
      What is paramount is saving your SOUL.
      This is the final dividing of the sheep and the goats.
      What comes after is glorious beyond words.
      This is the end. It is also a new Blessed Beginning, for those who are no longer the ‘adopted’ children of God but will become his ‘real true Children’ once again.

    2. It sounds like ‘Project Pogo and Zeyphr’ is being enacted to me.
      David Goldberg warned us about it before they killed him.

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