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Russian Engineers Are Working On New Lancet Version With ‘Serious Improvements’

    December1991 – July 16th, 2023

    Russian constructors are working on a new version of the tactical kamikaze drone “Lancet”. The new version is realized through the Izdelie-53 project, which will have serious improvements
    ▪️The main upgrade is the ability to attack in the form of a swarm. Namely, each drone of the Izdelie-53 project will have the function of alerting the other drones in the air upon detection of an enemy target, and jointly or successively and from several directions “beat” the target.
    ** It is estimated that the new drones will have an increased range, the ability to spend more hours in the air, as well as more efficient warheads. However, the biggest improvement will be the group attack function, which will dramatically increase the pressure on the enemy on the front line and its tactical depth.

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