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Russia Eliminated the TOP US Army General & 4 Senior Officers of the Australian Army in the Ukraine

    XANDREWX – August 1st, 2023

    1 thought on “Russia Eliminated the TOP US Army General & 4 Senior Officers of the Australian Army in the Ukraine”

    1. Russia and China are planning a sneak attack on the US.
      They will target Yellowstone super volcano with a Nuke first.
      Then the San Andreas fault. Nuking 6 key cities.
      When Yellowstone blows the US will have to surrender.
      The US has given 100 Billion to Ukraine, and is 33 trillion in debt.
      How did they destroy america?
      The jews did it.
      They control as the cabinet all the US presidents from Jew Eisenhower until today.
      They, through the jewish Illuminati/Bankers, only have gentiles as presidents for show.
      Just as figureheads.
      Front men to take the blame for what the jews decide the US will do or not do.
      Every gentile is made into a clone or several clones, Biden and Kamala are clones.
      So they are like the jews=clones are soulless and just a worker bee for satan.
      The illuminati have had the technology for clones for some time.
      They rule Russia and China in the same way using clones as figureheads in the roles of the leaders, who do whatever the jews dictate.
      XI, and Putin are cloned and they clone several of them for spares.
      The illuminati jews of banking and finance financed the Bolshevik Russian revolution, and the chinese communist revolution and they created Israel and took over the Vatican with the greada treaty agreements. They are the adrenochrome addicts.
      They always had a plan in place to weaken and destroy the US, and all the Christian nations in WW3, even before WW1. They planned 3 world wars for a complete takeover and they are about to get it very soon. WW3 will happen any day now.
      The VaXXXines will create a nation of sick, weak and injured soldiers and civilians who can then be easily slaughtered.
      The supply chain rigged food shortage will cause starvation and desperation.
      They will poison everyone. Any survivors will be taken to slave labor camps in Russia and China
      However, God has other plans.
      The USA will be weakened and then attacked.
      The economy will crash, the dollar will lose over half its value, and then the attack will come.

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