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Robert F Kennedy Jr. Stands Up to Bill Gates in Berlin

    RFK Jr. Confronts Tyranny

    Patrick Howley Nationalfile – August 28, 2020

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stood up to vaccine oligarch Bill Gates in Berlin Saturday, leading a rally that spoke truth against the plague of globalist oligarchs. Kennedy Jr. railed against 5G being brought into our communities, and against the shift toward “digital currency, which is the beginning of slavery.” Kennedy said that 5G is for data harvesting for “Bill Gates” and Zuckerberg and other globalist elites. His extremely righteous speech can be viewed below. Kennedy Jr. has bravely used his influence to stand up against the globalist vaccine agenda over the years, taking the side of the people against the spiritually bankrupt power brokers that have broken the world.


    Patrick Howley

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