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Prayers GROWING in many Universities, Trump shows TRUE leadership, Young Gen Z rising, PRAY

    And We Know – Feb 23rd, 2023

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    Scottish Bagpipe Rock Anthem

    Don’t you find it intriguing that Putin, as a world leader, calls out the destruction of family, wokeism and more

    Teenager Exposes Woke School Board, Renders Them Speechless In Five Minute Mic Drop Speech

    Duane Miller Healing Psalm 103

    I’ve Never Felt Anything Like It Before In My Life

    These Globalists tell you their plans ahead of time…

    NEW — President Trump Says He Hopes Biden Has Some Money Left for East Palestine After He Gets Finished Touring Ukraine

    ‘I Could Use a Hug’: Officer Responds to a Driver in Distress by Lending His Shoulder to Cry On

    More “Space” Satellites Hanging On Balloons

    Dad claims doctor asked his 3-year-old if he’s a boy or a girl at a routine check-up 👀

    They will never share the data. They wanted it hidden for 75 years. This is intentional.



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