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Police officers have no authority to issue fines – David Weisinger

    BANNED.VIDEOS – June 13th, 2023

    1 thought on “Police officers have no authority to issue fines – David Weisinger”

    1. My comment to David is, When they remove ABN’s from the Legal profession, for example, the Victorian Magistrates Court has an ABN and so does every other court. As well as the Police, the ALP, the Liberal Party, Fines Victoria and I could go on. WHY is that so? Is it because the courts DO NOT DO LAW ANY MORE, yes, they do BUSINESS. They are supposed to do law and make judgments, the police are supposed to do policing activities not BUSINESS. By the way, why is it that a fine notice, sorry, an Invoice, not carry the ABN of the police force. That is against the LAW. We are starting a fight against a Corporate system that needs to be changed and the treasonous perpetrators brought to JUSTICE via COMMON LAW.

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