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Peace Love & Justice If You Want It | Greg Reese – May 7, 2022

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    1 thought on “Peace Love & Justice If You Want It”

    1. I really do believe it is the TRUTH, that people who use poisons to genocide all people on earth, all animals on earth and all life on earth, and use wars to do the same to “destroy life”, are inferior to all life on earth, including peaceful gorillas, who are more evolved than these demons from Hell are proving to us every day. Somebody who was a superior being, and was in fact, more evolved than all life on earth, who was in fact it was Jesus, who fought against these Lizard brained soulless monsters from their true homeland Hell, in Germany He had it right. As all of you will soon find out. You have all sided with the antichrist people and for that they want to Kill you all off and take you to Hell where there is no death. to torture and cruelly torment you all for eternity. In Hell you will be in a kingdom where the most evil=the most inferior and devolved into what is demonic dominate and rule over those who were once made in the image and likeness of God. That is the future you will get a taste of, and orientation of when the New World jewish, demonic, Order takes total control of earth in WW3. The Chinese had more Christians than the entire world at one time, then the inferior people spent over 100 hundred years, making it into a replica of Hell itself. Yet you all worship these antichrist demons because of a LIE called the hollow cost. That cost you your souls. Russia was once the most catholic nation, then the inferior people starved, tortured and slaughtered them until they all submitted to being atheists, with their sado masochistic techniques of brutality, they call “Love”. The same will happen to america who welcomed with open arms the inferior demonic antichrist people and it will burn and be destroyed by them in one day very soon. Then they will take over the world and prove to God, that you all belong to them, not to God by your own free will choice to accept their mark, the mark of the beast, the digital ID and Neurolink and Luciferase tattoos. This entire earth will become a bloody Hell, everyone will be dead, and it will be enveloped by the black sun, and it will be a permanent Hell for all eternity, because there is no death after death on earth. Just like Maldak. The place between mars and Jupiter, they did it to before they came here. It is still there, but the physical world is gone. When you see the black sun approaching during the war, know that it is the end of earth, just like maldak ended. You will vanish into Hell. All because you believed the lies of the antichrist people, all because you loved their money more than your souls from God. All because you believed all their lies that evil is good. But most of all because you did no know Hitler was Jesus Christ trying to free you from the devil, the antichrist people, and instead you hated Him and embraced the enemies of your souls, of God and all that is holy. America will go first into Hell because you proudly gave them the holy land, and allowed them to infiltrate and take over the vatican in 1958. The US government was well aware of that. You worshiped and empowered the antichrist and hated Christ with them, allowed them to dominate and control you and turn you into their little mini me’s all gay, transgender and perverted satanists doing everything that is done in Hell and never done in Heaven and calling it good. Planet earth is the next planet to die after Maldak because lie you love lies, and you did not know him when he came. The antichrist inferior people made all of you HATE Jesus, as much as they do. You are all so proud of it too. Lucifer was counting on that. They will take all your children an entire generation of children and do to them what they do to children. It is all your fault for perpetuating, loving and believing their poisonous lies, and accepting all their poisons as “good” when the TRUTH is they are 100% evil. None of you have ever been very interested in any TRUTH. The antichrist whose true homeland is Hell, went into the peaceful holy land and you slaughtered innocent people who pray 5 times a day, and raped all the women are virtuous, who are virgins on their wedding day. You used depleted uranium. And you were proud of it, and did it for the antichrist, and call yourselves Christians. You are all hypocrites. As it says in revelations: all hypocrites go to Hell, along with all those who lie and loveth a lie and worship the antichrist. Lucifer was correct, that Jesus had no chance of saving the human race. He will soon own you all forever in Hell. As soon as you accept the one world order, the mark of the beast chips in your hands and foreheads for your worship of their one world digital MONEY. All evil on earth comes from the devils money system of inequality, that makes the inferior antichrist devils, the fallen angels in borrowed soulless human bodies Kings on earth. You put yourselves there. Because like them, “there is no truth in you”. Heaven is a place for Truth, Peace, Love, and true freedom and equality for all. The antichrist people have prevented that from happening on earth, it is called satanism. You let them for love of pride, ego and money. Take that to Hell with you. Or will you return to God and the truth, peace and love and fight the devil with good, with God and the angels. Will you overcome evil with good? Overcome lies with the TRUTH? overcome the antichrist by knowing Christ is superior and the devils are INFERIOR as Jesus told you. Hitler loved all of you equally. Only the soulless ones who think evil is good and inferior is superior are his enemies and will never get to Heaven, they will spend eternity in Hell when the black sun arrives, our sun is gone for 3 days, and it all goes dark. Only those who survive that will see Jesus and the new heaven to come.

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