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Patriot Streetfighter POST ELECTION UPDATE #43: Big Corp Titans Exiting, What’s Coming?

    PatriotStreetfighter Published February 4, 2021

    Rumble — Jeff Bezos stepping down, Elon Musk announcing leaving Twitter, what else is coming into focus as Cabal powers recede at increasing rate?


    Sugar Ditch Stables SAVED by the Patriot Streetfigthers!!

    Hey there Scott,
    I wanted to see if you could do me another favor. God has put on my heart to do big things. As you can probably tell I don’t give up and when I get challenged with something I never surrender ( this isn’t always a good thing) I was sitting talking with Dakota a few nights ago and told her that I’m going to set up places all over the United States (and anywhere else that would like to participate) to help these children with horses. Do you know I’ve had several people contact me asking if I could help them do what I’m going to do. Literally right after I told her that. I’ve known for a long time I’m here to help people. I’m putting together a list of people and horse facilities to join my organization ( I guess I’m starting one) that will be dedicated to specifically help the rescued children. This is going to take a certain type of person and money cannot be the reason for them wanting to do it. I’m sure they will be compensated but it cannot be the reason they’re doing it. They’ll need to have a passion for one, humanity but a love of kids. It’s not for everyone. I’ve been working with kids a long time and many come here and their parents will say to me “ that trainer didn’t like kids” or “ that facility isn’t kid friendly “ it’s going to take special individuals to do this. I had someone want to get in on it for a great money making opportunity already. (Yep not going to contact them back! ) I haven’t a clue if there will be compensation but I do know that if I have to work with the kids in the daytime and deliver pizza at night to cover my bills then so be it. So what I’m asking is could you mention what I’m doing and ask anyone interested to send me their information via my email. Also could you tell everyone THANK YOU for me. I’m like $28k from my goal which is so amazing. I love my patriot brothers and sisters! There’s no better people on the planet! And you my sweet friend you have an absolute heart of gold! I’m going to show up one day to the great state of Texas and take you to a bbq dinner. ???? Thank you Scott! You saved my ranch. They say cowgirls don’t cry but I’m proving them wrong this week ❤️

    The email address they can send their information to if you agree to mention this information is
    [email protected]
    They can also email me through the give send go account. ❤️

    All YT Livestreams will be downloaded from here, uploaded to Rumble, then deleted from here.

    Web creator for
    Mitchell Royster


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