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Papers Please. How to deal with a robot. My sensors detect a malfunction…

    Jim Crenshaw – June 30th, 2023

    That’s great. Perfect. Looked like a binary tranny robot anyway.
    Source: Pirate Pete:

    1 thought on “Papers Please. How to deal with a robot. My sensors detect a malfunction…”

    1. The real reason they want robots: they fear and hate you, and they know that you will win no matter what.
      They think the robots they make humans into with trans-humanism, the nanotechnology they put in all the VaXXX, hooked up to 5G will protect them.
      No one will ever know how much they hate us.
      Even Saint Paul gave up on the jews, and proclaimed to only bring Jesus to the gentiles.
      The world Antichrist in the Bible describes the jews, and their monopoly over the media, has caused many to be persuaded to also become Antichrist.
      In the bible it uses the world Antichrist only 4 times:

      “Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that Antichrist cometh, even now there are become many Antichrists: whereby we know that it is the last hour.
      [1 John 2:18]


      “Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son.
      [1 John 2:22]


      “And every spirit that dissolveth Jesus, is not of God: and this is Antichrist, of whom you have heard that he cometh, and he is now already in the world.
      [1 John 4:3]


      “For many seducers are gone out into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh: this is a seducer and an antichrist.
      [2 John 1:7]

      The jews caused the 1929 economic crash, by telling all the thriving industries to fire their employees because by cutting labor costs they would make more profits.
      But the reverse happened: so many were out of work, that no one was buying their goods and services any longer.
      If not for the charity of Farmers they would have all starved to death.
      The jews then bought up all the media, TV, publishing entertainment news magazines, for mere pennies on the dollar.
      This time, the new economic collapse they are pushing with robots and AI replacing workers, and the end of the supply chains, and inflation, will also bring an end to Farmers ability to feed the starving people, because there will be CBDC’s and a social credit system, whereby charity will be abolished.
      The social credit system will be used to starve all Christians who refuse the mark of the beast.
      Not only will they destroy farms by spraying the crops with poisons, they will start 15 minute city concentration camps and end all farming, with the fictional ‘climate change’ agendas.
      But God will intervene, and many devastating occurrences will befall the jews.
      They will be stricken with plagues and all their lands, the Vatican and the Former Holy Land which they have turned into new Sodom and Gomorrah, will vanish below the earth by natural disasters never seen before.
      All the lands that are now controlled by Antichrist people will receive the 7 last plagues and Vanish even Great Britain will submerge beneath the sea.
      Everywhere people have accepted the Antichrist and rejected and abandoned God will be brought down to Hell and vanish forever.
      All places where satanists and Luciferians have done their evil rituals such as New York and California will vanish from this earth in the end.
      The earth will be cleansed and renewed and
      The Kingdom of Jesus Christ will be created by him to replace the sad evil world we now live in.
      we will all live to see this.
      The good (who serve God and do his will) shall rise up and the evil who serve the evil one:all the Antichrist people will be brought down to Hell and locked there for eternity.

      After the first Fall when you began to eat animals and children for Moloch Mammon, the fallen angels money system, Jesus came to help you evolve higher.
      Since that had begun to end dramatically,
      In equal measure, later in our time, the devil was also given more time and power.

      As people devolve, they lie, and sin, and break all the 10 commandments of God.
      Love is absent and Fear and Hate takes its place.

      The human consciousness in the body is lowered as well:

      The consciousness as people lie and sin, fear and hate, goes lower into the lizard brain, the brain below the head.

      The head becomes a receptacle of EGO, which is lies and Karma for lies, until due to the fact that the karma for lies is stupidity. If you convince others of untruths, you yourself become via KARMA convinced of untruths.

      In the end, only those who speak the truth always and never lie and do not eat animals because it is a lie that you need to kill to live. Killing and eating animals begets you being killed and eaten by the devils of hell.
      AKA adrenochrome.
      Once you become atheist, the same thing occurs.

      A truly evolved being will not eat animals, Gandhi, Buddah, Hitler, etc.

      Every religion has certain basic truths and lacks other truths, but together=united the truth can be found, and the lies eliminated.
      So the devil is attempting to do the exact opposite, with his one world religion remove all the truths and keep only the misinformation.

      The Catholic Church has the truth of Jesus Christ and the gospel.
      It lacks the truth of Vegetarianism and karma and past life reincarnation, which is hidden as purgatory. The missing Bible chapters about reincarnation were purged by Emperor Justinian.
      All offshoots of the Catholic Church called Christianity have been destroyed by the acceptance of the jews as Holy people of God when they are in fact the enemies of God, our souls and all that is Holy. The catholic church has become a den of Jews who now run it and are fast destroying it under Pope Francis who is inhabited by Satan himself.

      Buddhism is enlightened to the knowledge not to Kill to eat no animals. It has the knowledge of letting go of the EGO and living in peace, no violence. It teaches non attachment to the material. However, it lacks the truth of Jesus and the Gospel because it is older and happened before Jesus’ arrival.

      Hinduism also is older; it has the truth about Karma and reincarnation.
      It espouses vegetarianism, but lacks the truth about the holy trinity Jesus and the gospel because it is older. Their trinity included the destroyer Shiva as one with God which is incorrect.

      Islam has the truth about the need for constant daily prayer.
      That women should be virtuous and Marriage and family are essential, also it espouses non violence. It is a religion of Peace.
      However it lacks the truth about The Holy Trinity, Jesus and the Gospel, reincarnation and karma. It is a true religion of God as are all of them.

      Hitler and National socialism under and added to Christianity would have become the perfect religion. He used the symbol of Jainsim. The swastika on purpose.
      It would have evolved into Jainism.
      Jainism has it perfect however it lacks the Holy trinity and the Gospel of Jesus, because they are already saved by their religion, before Jesus had to come to save people.
      Jainism is pro all life, vegan and thrives. It is all GOOD. It is the path to the higher evolution of your consciousness, as a soul=one with God.
      Satanists have no souls, they have ego in its place (a dark unclean spirit) and they are one with Satan. The Luciferians have Black spirits and are all one with Lucifer.
      The true original red race, native american religion is also very truthful especially that the earth is our mother which is lost in all the other religions.
      It is very important. They allow eating animals so it is ruined by only that.

      What you think and believe is crucial. It is your religion no matter what religion has been taught to you or what religion you profess. Actions are the fruits of your thoughts and constitute your conscience which is your highest ideas and the lowest you are willing to go down in devolution.

      Your conscience or lack of a conscience determines where your consciousness will be in your body, higher or lower into the lizard brain where there is no limit to the evil you are capable of.
      That is the jewish collective consciousness.
      Once you go there, there is no return, you are Antichrist and bound to eternal Hell forever.
      The jewish religion is this alone: evil is good and good is evil.
      The highest ideal of the jewish collective consciousness is Satan, which they in return for Money, wealth and power, all professed by denying Christ was God, killing Jesus Christ for Satan. For calling for his crucifixion and saying “His blood be on our hands and our children’s forever”.
      Do not fear evil. Evil fears Good, and Hates Good.
      When they fear and hate you: know it is because you are on the good side, with God.
      Their fear and hate will only destroy them, their consciousness and send them down to Hell for eternity. Give them something to fear by being GOOD and Righteous in Jesus Christ, be Christlike no matter what they hit you with.

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