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“OOPS” The Biden Show is in Take 5! Lights, Camera, Action, roll’em!

    The Marshall Report – March 14, 2021

    Election Thieves patting themselves on the back for now stealing $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan”, brought to you from the… green room? The staged setting? The Liars den? The fake news site?

    President Biden promised oversight of the implementation of the legislation to prevent fraud… brought to you from inside the fake south lawn or whatever it’s called.  This entire administration is fraud. Are we supposed to believe this stuff? Who is still buying into this?

    Big crowd? What looks different? “Oops”.

    How can that building look so far away and then so close after only coming a small way closer? And what’s with these people in the back (drop)?

    Still wondering how that small building can look so far away and then so big by coming only a few feet closer? Those in the back (drop) never seem to change position?
    President Biden delivers remarks after signing virus relief bill | PIX11

    Please don’t tell me it’s an angle thingy. It’s too dang big and obvious. Some part of it would have shown through even at an angle.

    No Salute to thieves. He should have thought of that before he stole the election. “Ohhhh say can you see??????”

    It’s looking more and more like the white hats are using the “compromised” thieves to clean out the “caught red handed” heads of the “swamp” corruption while under the facade of the “OOPS“ show.

    Nancy suggests, or does she state? Or does she just ramble on? What’s her real statement here? Cuomo caught red handed or just doing what the “Oops” Show caught in the act white hats are telling her to do. Or is it even Nancy?

    And why is Dan Scavino tweeting this?

    All I can say is… it is looking more and more like the white hats are allowing the thieves to push their agenda to open the eyes of the people, and at the same time having them make the arrests of their own thugs like Cuomo, on their way down. And they are all going down.


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