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Ohio Disaster PLANNED: Don’t Drink The WATER! Ohio Under GAG ORDER! NeoCons Beat War Drums

    Stew Peters Network – Streamed on: Feb 20, 6:00 pm EST

    Is the Catholic Church going to split over Pope Francis’ woke agenda?
    Michael Matt is here to speak out on the civil war being waged inside the Catholic Church over orthodoxy.
    Dozens of bioweapons labs have been confirmed to exist in Ukraine with ties to the Biden crime family.
    Dr. Dale Comstock is here to analyze the One World Government plot to enslave the people of the earth.
    Second Amendment hero Mark McCloseky recently visited the devastation in East Palestine, Ohio and reports his findings.
    A guard manning a roadblock in East Palestine admitted he’s been told not to answer questions about the toxic train crash.
    Another guard was overheard being told not to answer anyone’s questions and to call the police if people didn’t leave and continued to ask questions.
    One ditch worker reportedly said “We can’t tell you anything until we get the tests back.”
    Do not drink the water!
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