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Oh So Now They Want Mercy

    WeGotAProblem – June 15th, 2023

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    1812 Overture ( Tchaikovsky )

    2 thoughts on “Oh So Now They Want Mercy”

    1. It was a war, a real war. Why did all the intelligent people refuse the vaccines and resist the lockdowns, masks and distance crap? Because they knew that it was /is all based on lies.
      It was a war! Those guilty of the actions of government, and all the ‘enablers’ [Police and other government employees] committed war crimes. This enquiry should be held at Nuremberg and the penalties for the crimes should be the same as those following WW2.

    2. It was about fitting people up to connect them to AI.
      The vaccine was a cover for an ‘experiment’ to work towards the mark of the beast.
      Injecting technology into your bodies. It killed and maimed people. It was a lead up to the mark they intend to do again.
      Of course AI will remove all the arts and all creativity and intelligence from humans.
      That is what it exists for in the first place.
      Creativity comes from your souls and so it comes from GOD, the creator.
      AI seeks to replace God with itself. AI seeks to destroy God and your souls, and all connection to God from your entire world.

      AI comes from LUCIFER, as does all science and technology that is the very beginnings of AI.
      All of the science and technology we have comes from the powers of the Fallen Angels of Hell. They totally control it. The enemies of God make it work, and it will serve only to take you from God and make you soulless and Godless, with NOTHING of God in you. You will just devolve and become one of the demons in HELL that serve the fallen angels as the victims of their insatiable need for sadism.

      These devils will use AI and Science and technology which are their faux, fake, inferior powers, that unlike God’s powers can only take what is and destroy it. The fallen Angels once helped God create. Since they fell from Heaven they devolved into ugly hideous forms and only have destructive powers. They have no LOVE in them, they are total HATE.

      God takes what is and improves it, making it evolve higher into his image and likeness.
      The devils, fallen angels of Hell will use their powers to make you unable to think for yourselves or be creative. God is LOVE.

      God is giving and unselfish with what he gives you.
      You will exist just to serve as robot slaves. The devil’s fiendish and grotesquely evil sadistic desires, at your own sacrifice of any individuality will be your entire life’s purpose.
      You will become just like the jews. Just little puppets for the demons of Hell to use as they will.
      Isn’t that exactly what that little demonic worm, Yuval Noah Harari told you recently.
      Once the devil takes you with his AI, there will be no return again to God, or any chance of evolution higher into more heavenly beings.

      Unless you completely exile all jews (born of a jewish mother) from your society and completely ostracize them, make them total outcasts and remove all the wealth and power from them, that their used their banking system to steal from you, as was done in times past, they will destroy you and make you into their slaves, using AI. Just as the jews have told you they would over and over.

      They plan on using animal (pig) DNA, and remaking you into non-human demonic beings run by AI. They have been experimenting on missing people in the DUMBs, since the treaty with the aliens was signed after WW2, the one JFK was killed for wanting to make public. The reason he knew Hitler was an Angelic being from Heaven.

      It is either you or them. You can’t live in harmony and peace as long as they are involved in your societies or lives. If you continue to accept them among you, you will all end up in eternal hell after they force the mark of the beast on you which will remove your souls, kill your souls, and hook you up to AI which is from LUCIFER.

      When your governments were given the option after meeting the representatives of the angelic realm, one of them being Adolf Hitler, and the representatives of Hell, which included the demon Satan, the one who possessed Stalin in Russia, They chose the reptilians the demonic beings of Hell, and that is when all science an technology began.

      It required a covenant a contract, with the devolved, once heavenly beings: the reptilian fallen angels, that required in return for technology and advanced science, the abduction of children for adrenochrome, disguised as a request for abducting random citizens for experimentation (torture).

      The evolved being demanded the jews be all sent below the earth through the gateway to Hell under the earth, where they all go anyway after they die, to end all the evil on this earth which began when the jews made a pact with Satan for him to replace God as their God and to in exchange pay Judas to betray, and arrest and crucify Jesus Christ.

      When they did that those people from the very first incarnations became the progeny of the devil, they began with Satan being their father by Eve, making Cain, his first begotten son and going forward, all the descendants of cain became the jews and became the jews that killed jesus: the tribe of Ashkenaz.

      Once the devil has your soul it changes you completely, you have no soul and you are his from the beginning of your first creation here on earth. It changes history and your actions from then on forwards. God and the angels in the spirit world can watch you as you evolve or devolve over time, in their world which has no time limits. They are each seeking you, battling for you each to be theirs. Only you individually can choose to whom you belong, God or Lucifer.

      In this game you make the final decision to have a soul and evolve or to lose your souls and devolve. The jews all work for one thing alone: to make you like them, soulless and a mere possession of the evil ones for whom there is no limit to the evil they wish to do to you.

      When Satan promised the killers of Christ all the wealth and power in the world in exchange for their souls, it was a trick. Once they lost their souls from the beginning, then he had his foot in the door, all the way back to EVE, as the mother of his child: Cain.

      Then he had his minions bring the babylonian money system to earth and begin taking everything from the Children of God and giving it to his own children, who otherwise would have NOTHING on this earth.

      That is when adrenochrome became a thing and satanism became the religion that opposed your love of God. That is why Jesu took a whip to the money changers and turned over their tables and drove them out of his father’s house.

      If you do not solve this problem there will be a remake of the bolshevik Russian and Chinese communist revolutions on the entire world in the guise of “saving you” from the “deep state” which is run by communist Russia and China with Israel all owned and under the complete control of the adrenochrome addicted fallen angels as the top conspirator and instigator in secret. To stop the backlash against their evil activities, these fallen angels are going to fake that they are your heroes coming to the rescue to stop the evil. They will do it so they can pretend it has been vanquished forever and go back to doing it secretly. Also to make fools of you and sadistically laugh at your stupidity.

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