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‘Nothing is enough’ for Ukraine – Zelensky

    Kiev will need more assistance from its Western backers until the conflict with Russia ends, the Ukrainian president has said

    FILE PHOTO: Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky ©  Global Look Press / Office of the President Of Ukraine

    The assistance provided by the US and its allies to Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia is not enough, President Vladimir Zelensky told Brazil’s Globo News broadcaster in an interview last week.

    “As long as the war continues, nothing can be enough,” Zelensky told Globo, as reported by RIA Novosti.

    According to Zelensky, Ukraine does not only need weapons. It also needs assistance in what he called an “information war” and more humanitarian aid. He called on Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to supply Ukraine with demining equipment to clear areas he said had been mined by Russian forces and later re-taken by Ukrainian troops.

    He also suggested Lula could help Kiev by organizing a meeting between Zelensky and Latin American leaders in which they could talk. Zelensky said he would never ask Lula for weapons because he knew the Brazilian president would “not provide it.”

    The US and its allies have sent Ukraine over $100 billion worth of weapons, ammunition, and equipment since hostilities with Russia escalated in February 2022, while insisting they are not actually a party to the conflict.

    Europe’s black hole: How much of the more than $185 billion given by the West to Ukraine has been stolen?

    The total amount of Western aid to Kiev added up to €165 billion ($185.6 billion) by early summer 2023, according to data from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW). Some of Kiev’s Western backers shouldered additional costs due to the need to accommodate refugees coming from Ukraine, the IfW reported.

    Poland, which spent 0.6% of its GDP on bilateral aid to Ukraine, had to spend another 2.2% on Ukrainian refugees, according to the data. The accumulated costs of helping Ukraine exceeded 2% of GDP in Latvia and Estonia as well.

    Last week, the Pentagon announced another security assistance package for Ukraine worth $400 million, including air defense and anti-tank missiles.

    Kiev’s constant need for more aid from the West has led to tension between Ukraine and its Western backers. Ahead of the July NATO summit in Vilnius, Zelensky lashed out at the US-led military bloc on social media, blasting its “indecisiveness” on Kiev’s membership bid.

    UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told journalists on the sidelines of the summit that the allies “want to see gratitude” from Ukraine for the military assistance that has been provided. He also noted that he told Ukrainian officials during a visit to Kiev last year that Western nations “are not Amazon.”

    1 thought on “‘Nothing is enough’ for Ukraine – Zelensky”

    1. Zekensky is just a figurehead for the Ihor Kolomoyskyi: Ukrainian-born Israeli–Cypriot billionaire businessman, once considered the leading oligarch in Ukraine.
      All the Oligarchs made their fortunes in the adrenochrome trade.
      Ukraine and the biklions sent there are all to ethnically cleanse it of all gentiles and make it the adrenochrome industry hub of the world.
      This is what has been playing out and what will continue to be the world events.
      Just like all the Hoax economic downturns that result in the many wars before and after 9-11, which then turn into prosperous times; some will be with God and know it was all demonic manipulation and lies, and some will believe the devil who orchestrates all wars, to take souls.
      Many will be proud and believe the lies of the antichrist that convince people to take part in wars which are all satanic rituals of Hate and fear, leading to killing and destruction. They are a blood sacrifice ritual that takes many souls to Hell.
      The Military is structured just like Hell, in its same image: the pyramid.
      Some will know it is all lies and compassionately try to save the others who believe the lies.
      They will be labeled dangerous and evil by the devil’s media and there will be division.
      They will be made to be seen as the enemy who must be silenced.
      The devil is always playing divide and conquer in order to take souls to Hell.
      God is also dividing us, and is separating out his sheep who see and know the truth He gives them, and they will hope all will also do so, to save lost souls, they will even risk being labeled evil for revealing the truth, to save the souls of their brethren.
      The ones who are not with God, although they may think they are, but it is only superficial, and also the outright atheists, agnostics, and actual God haters, as well as those who willingly prefer to worship the antichrist and reject Jesus Christ, must be separated out.
      God used the devil to do it. God is in control always.
      Covid came and the devil took many who believed his lies, he also took the souls of many who carried out his orders in the covid Hoax.
      Many revealed the truth and tried to save their brethren from the injury and death that the devil had planned for them with Covid. Many pretended to be the opposition but were only serving the devil in that capacity.
      Many sought money and power by taking part in his plans to trick people out of their life and their souls, many Hated full on those who tried to save them and their souls.
      That is what will continue to happen. Hoax by hoax, until the haters, fueled by false fears, who believe lies and obey the devil and reject God and the actual truth to do so.
      They lose everything when they dismiss his truth, peace, and love, to keep their jobs or material possessions. They are unaware that God protects and provides for his own. So they will lose everything, even their souls by obedience to the devil holding their means to material wealth hostage.
      The devil owns the money system and with it the entire world is held hostage.
      With it he gains all the power and wealth in the entire world when people lose their faith in God.
      The ones who do know God and refuse to forget God, who is always in control, are followers of Jesus Christ.
      They are his Sheep, and know that their treasure is in Heaven, and that God will always provide and take care of them and He proved that by dying himself on the cross for our sins.
      The Climate change Hoax is no different, just a way for the devil to take many souls and also for God to separate the sheep from the goats.
      After that, it will be the injections, implants and nanotechnology inserted by satan by his goats into human bodies.
      The goats will gladly hate and hunt down the children of God for a job, just like they killed mercilessly others with covid jabs, and made the resistors seem like the enemy, when the reverse was true.
      There will be wars, for no other reason but to separate the sheep from the goats.
      At the final end, the mark of the beast and an actual fake hoax actor pretending to be the Messiah, but who is antichrist will require everyone to worship him and take his mark.
      The antichrist is many as it says in the bible: the antichrist are all those who deny that Jesus is the Christ and they will all be divided when the Mark of the beast required by the Hoax Messiah comes to this world, masquerading as a savior of humanity, an angel of peace but is in truth, a demonic entity from Hell.
      God is in control, and satan must get permission from God to do anything.
      That is how God cleans house, and this earth must be cleansed of all evil, before the Son of Man returns.
      The next world will be only a world of truth. Satya Yuge means: Age of Truth.
      Right now the world has some sheep who love and believe in God and know the truth, but many are goats who serve and believe the devil’s lies and reject God for his MONEY.
      In the end, you can’t serve 2 masters.
      In the end it will be just as it is in the final Chapter of the bible, Revelations, Chapter 22, in the second to the last paragraph describing who will enter Heaven and who will never enter heaven:

      “Blessed are they that wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb: that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the city. Without are dogs, and sorcerers, and unchaste, and murderers, and servers of idols, and every one that loveth and maketh a LIE.”

      The devil uses lies to trick everyone: the elite are just a horde of Luciferian con artists supreme.
      To lie is a mortal sin. Once you commit mortal sins you become a target of the devil, out to destroy your soul. Those who obey the 10 commandments are safe from the devil’s sabotage.
      The antichrist Luciferian elite and all who obey them, will all burn for eternity in Hell and never know life again, although their consciousness will never die.
      The next world, where life continues, will be free of devils and hoaxes. Only truth and those who are truthful will live there, in the next cycle of man’s evolution higher.
      Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life everlasting to come only to those who have not joined forces against him with the enemy of God, and become themselves antichrist.
      The antichrist will all devolve into demons in Hell. They will belong to the devil from the beginning, and never remember or know God from the beginning of time, to eternity.
      It will be like they never existed on earth at all.
      Those who serve the devil and accept his lies as truth and do his bidding, are fools and will end up in the dustbin where all former living-evolving beings who degenerated into dead souls reside for eternity.
      They have put themselves in Hell by choosing Hate, lies and the devil over Love, truth and God.
      In the beginning all was love and light and truth and all obeyed the lord God our creator.
      This is the end and God wants every soul to be saved.
      He will bring the Warning, the Miracles and the Chastisements to ensure that many may save their souls before it is too late. Each must save their own soul, or end up in eternal Hell.
      It is not God’s choice or the devil’s choice, who goes to heaven and who ends up in Hell, it is each one of us who chooses for ourselves.
      Those who take the injections, implants, and nanotechnology, or the mark of the beast, into the bodies, the temple of God, where the Holy Ghost dwells within all gentiles, will never have free will or ever be human capable of higher evolution ever again.
      They will be turned into disgusting and repulsive, demonic infernal mechanisms, robot slaves to serve Lucifer in his ‘uber sadistic glory’ in Hell for all eternity.
      They will never know any truth or possess any freedom or free will, or free thought ever again.
      They will exist only as playthings or toys to entertain and amuse the sadistic fallen angels of Hell, who have no limit to the evil they are capable of doing to their toys and playthings.
      There is still time, but the earth must be cleansed of all evil before it is completely and totally destroyed, as happened long ago. That total destruction is what created Hell.
      The devil uses his science and technology as weapons of destruction, some are disguised as ’good things’, and some are proudly displayed as weapons of war.
      However, they are all satanic torture devices.
      They are all things that would only be allowed to exist in HELL (satanic).
      They would NEVER be allowed in Heaven (angelic).
      All science and technology has been secretly doing is destroying life and poisoning all life and the mother earth.
      They have been making this world unfit for life to return by inserting methods that are contrary to God and what He created life to be: perfect and immortal.
      All life is interdependent, all, working in synchronicity as one unit in complete cooperation with God’s will.
      Otherwise life ends.
      Science and technology are ending life on earth. They are lethal and toxic to life.
      Science and technology is what will bring about the total extinction of all life on earth, by destroying the Oneness of God’s creation.
      Science and technology are deadly and are killing the earth and all life on this earth.
      It is all from Hell and from the devil. He has used it to take you from God. He has lied and told you it will make you Gods, but it is used to make Lucifer and the fallen angels your new substitute gods, so they can take you from God and make you their slaves in Hell for eternity.
      The final effort will be the Mark of the beast technology.
      There are no left and right, democrats and republicans, and anti deep state and so fourth.
      It is all staged trickery to divide people against one another part of satan’s ploy: divide and conquer. Get you to oppress, suppress, and kill each other for him.
      There are only the beings of light (truth) and love who obey God and do His will, and those who are not of God, and serve the devil and believe his lies.
      Those who believe the devils incessant lies are then manipulated by the devil, to act out of fear and hate against their own fellow men, women and children, and even their pets.
      Antichrist people who chose to destroy life under the control of the enemy of God, rather than preserve life and save souls for the good of mankind, will lose their own souls and with it the love of God. That is what the devil wants.
      If you love God you must also love your neighbor as yourself.
      We must all speak the truth to save one another for God.
      We exist to do God’s will alone on earth.
      When we do that everything is good, when we don’t the devil takes over.
      That is why the devil wants to take away our freedom of speech.
      He does it to prevent any souls from being saved by other souls who are saved.
      The devil does not give, he only takes and wants to take more in the process, like the Luciferian bankers with their usury, expecting more back in exchange for their loans.
      They only give debt.
      They want to end free speech so that all those who serve the devil in his efforts to end free speech and who promote and serve his demands to end freedom of speech will have their souls taken by the devil. You cannot serve 2 masters.
      You cannot do God’s will when you are doing the will of Lucifer and satan.
      The Luciferians paid the doctors to kill people during covid, and paid the news to lie for them, but in the end the Luciferians of the Illuminati made billions, it was just an investment, to enrich their already full coffers with money and more importantly to take souls.
      Every war is the same investment. It makes the Bankers richer, and takes many more souls than during peacetime.
      Then the interest on the loans for the wars and the rebuilding keep flowing in, long after the wars are over during peacetime. They then use that money to claim souls by bribery.
      During peacetime the devil allows his banks to cause money to flow so he can tempt you to worship money and crave all the news material things money can buy. They make you lust after pleasures of the flesh, so that he can take you from God with his science and technology. That is how he takes souls during peacetime, through gluttony, greed, lust, envy, and vanity.
      Then, having you addicted to those temptations and forsaking God, the devil takes them all away by causing economic downturns and inflation or depressions.
      He does that so he can make you desperate enough to join His wars, giving you a way to return to prosperity to have a home and a job, but at the cost of your souls.
      In the war, many will join the forces of the antichrist, the military, for a job thinking they will get back their material addictions and pleasures of the flesh they can’t exist without, temptations created by the devil so glittery and hyped up that some have grown to love those temptations more than God and their very own souls.
      The final end will come before the war, when they will roll out the Mark of the beast.
      You will never get the devil’s temptations returned to you again at this late date, in this game,
      Those temptations are gone forever.
      They have prepared a chemical that is so toxic that it will not only kill everything that grows on the earth, but it will make the land so dead, that nothing will ever grow again on this earth, forever after it hits the ground and the water. They plan to drop it all over the world during WW3.
      That is why the end of time here is coming, and the earth will no longer sustain life even after the black sun comes to cleanse it of all evil antichrist people, why God must recreate a new world for his children.
      Now all you wish for to return after the evil plans of the Elite are implemented, will only become the devil’s carrot on a stick that will keep some serving him until the very end.
      All who chase that carrot, will spend eternity in Hell.
      The devil seeks that end with his lies of returned prosperity.
      They take what you want away, then they offer it back, and if you believe that lie, the devil succeeds in destroying your souls.
      Don’t fall for the lies of the devil, who controls the elite, he is a master con artist.
      The CBDCs are digital, with them will come laws that end all paper or physical titles and deeds of ownership, all written confirmation of ownership of anything of value.
      When everything of value is stored as CBDCs as digital, the elite plan to destroy all the infrastructure that provides digital.
      It will vanish from all people except of course their own very top secret satellite digital services and communications (hence the new ‘private’ phones they will all receive) ones many in congress already have been given.
      All your ownership of anything of value will be deleted when there is no digital access to it, once the wars and cataclysms that are not natural occur world wide.
      They know they are coming which is why they built the DUMBs and the FEMA camps worldwide.
      They want to take everything of physical value from you so you will trade it for the only thing of true value you do possess: your immortal souls, when you accept the mark of the beast.
      They want all people except for the elite/servants of satan, to be desperate refugees, impoverished enough to accept the devil’s new Messiah and technology of the Mark of the beast. It will come with a false promise, it will be a FAKE HOAX promise that all will be restored, all former and even much better, and you will all have prosperity and peace forever.
      They will lie and say the Mark of the beast will make you feel the ecstatic bliss of heaven if you take it, but the exact opposite will occur. You will feel the horror of what there being no God and nothing of God feels like.
      They will offer shelter, clothing, food and water to you for taking the Mark of the beast; just as they offered trivial things to entice you to take the covid death jabs.
      Covid was the test for the coming Mark of the beast.
      The devil does everything in increments.
      However all they supply to you, the food, water, clothing, and shelter, will all be taken back from you once you accept the Mark of the beast.
      It is just a lure. You are dealing with LUCIFER and his fallen angels.
      They are smug, conceited, pompous, and arrogant demons who fancy themselves as gods.
      You will all be tested by God and whom you choose to serve, God or Mammon: the fallen angels of Hell, who are just wannabe gods.
      They can only destroy, they can’t create anymore since they were cast out of heaven.
      Those who lie, and lies are mortal sins, will be fooled by lies.
      You get back what you give: the law of one.
      Those who speak only the truth and never lie, will know they are being lied to.
      Those who know God will know the devil’s false Hoax messiah is not God.
      Those who do not know God, will believe that the antichrist is the return of Jesus Christ.
      Jesus will return only after all the earth is cleansed of all the evil antichrist persons, and their descendants and all the demons who have owned them from birth, and after all the fallen angels of Hell are chained in Hell for eternity.
      He will return only after that occurs and it will happen when during WW3, the Black Sun which is Hell appears and envelopes the entire earth. In its Cold, darkness, fire, and you will see it and feel what it is to have NOTHING of God, no connection to God, and nothing good or of God exists, it is the most horrible feeling possible.
      Those who survive must have God and goodness still within them and their souls, to make it through that ordeal.
      Only those who are with Christ if any are still alive will be protected, but they will get a glimpse of what Hell is like during the 3 days of darkness.
      Hell is like a vacuum cleaner cleansing the earth.
      That is why they will bring about CBDCs before the War begins in earnest. Although the war truly began at the end of WW2 when everyone turned to the devil and believed the Holocaust Hoax, lies and turned against their creator, Jesus Christ when he came as Hitler.
      From then on, all who believed the devil’s minions became the cursed servants of Satan and have devolved, degenerated, and destroyed their own souls and those of their descendants over time. Resulting in the devil’s total control over the entire world as the NWO.
      The result of those people turning from God and embracing the lies and deceit of the antichrist can be seen in their offspring and all successive generations after.
      They gave all power to the devil to destroy souls and ruin this earth which has become a cesspit of immorality, all kinds of evil and vice ever since.
      Each generation is more cursed and farther removed from God than the one who first believed the lies of the antichrist after ww2.
      The devil was given the right to replace himself as a martyr. He removed your love of Jesus and replaced it with hatred. He caused you to mistake Jesus Christ for the Antichrist.
      That is why the final test is the last test, those who take the mark will be required to also sign a contract stating they reject Jesus Christ and serve the false Messiah as their God, when they take his Mark, the mark of the beast.
      Many will already be dead souls already serving the devil and serve as his minions to install the Mark of the beast technology, and place it in the hands and foreheads of the idiots who trade their immortal souls for the mark of the beast technology.
      In the end those who are motivated by fear, hate and lies, those who deny there is a God and that Jesus Christ is his son, and want science and technology to replace a God, and who think that God does not exist in their opinion, will belong to the same=Lucifer.
      Those who do not fear, but trust in God, do not hate, but Love God, and their fellow men, women, and children as God loves us, for the sake of God, to save souls, will belong to the same: the beings of Heaven will welcome them home.
      Heaven is where you rest in between the lives on earth.
      Earth will again become a school that teaches you to evolve higher, and never again to devolve lower, for 1000 years, hopefully for eternity. It depends on all of you.
      That requires Oneness. The division and inequality must end forever.
      They will reside in a new Heaven and new earth and enjoy everlasting peace and joy there, in the world to come that will replace this earth that has been completely wrecked by the devil and his science and technology.
      It is the elite who lie and cry that we the people cause climate change, who are the exact ones who are by their own energy and existence here on earth bringing the climate change Hell to earth themselves.
      They lie.
      They are dead souls and they emit the energy of Hell out into the earth turning it into a replica of Hell.
      They transmit negative death energy, they spread the life killing energy that will cause all the climate change catastrophes that are coming very soon.
      Wherever the elite exist and reside, deadly weather disasters will happen.
      Fire will rain down from the sky on them.
      They are pure concentrated evil, and like attarcts more and worse of the same.
      Their attempts to conquer climate change are a HOAX, their solutions will in fact bring about more disasters and death, and they know it.
      They are liars and whatever they tell us, whatever they say, the exact opposite, and the very reverse is the truth.
      Those who take the vaccines and the implants and nanotechnology they will implement will no longer be a fit dwelling place for the Holy Ghost.
      The Holy Ghost provides us with all the truth we need, “The truth will set you free”.
      Since the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost are all one, you need all three to receive eternal Life.
      Many will not receive life everlasting, but if they have at least one of the trinity and their powers, in them they will not burn in Hell. They will go to another place, to continue to eventually find salvation.

      During the fires, all unnatural disasters, and wars, that have and will happen, the truth is: they rescue those children we think are dead such as in their Maui fires.
      In Maui they will not admit how many children died because they did not die but were taken to Opra, Bezos, Ellison and the other Luciferians on the Island.
      The fires occurred and the children were taken to supply those evil Luciferians with adrenochrome.
      All disasters and wars are used by the elite illuminati Luciferians to secretly supply children to the adrenochrome addicts, the uber rich billionaires who are all addicted to it, and will lose their power, and wealth, given to them by Lucifer, if they do not sacrifice children as a mock crucifixion of Jesus Christ, to Lucifer, their owner and God. Adrenochrome is their currency.

      The more there is a crackdown on the supply of children for adrenochrome, the more wars and disasters will come so they can keep their wealth and power, which comes to them only through the rituals they perform for Lucifer. Rituals which keep them as vessels for the devils from Hell to occupy so they can continue to exist here on earth, and take souls from God.

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