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Social Media strikes again. Whoever was in the tank had to be a moron of the largest caliber. He shot them point blank. How could he not tell it was his own men? Duh. Did he not think that just maybe they would not all stand around like fools if the opposition rolled up on them like that? He should have known it was his own guys. What an idiot.
Source: Olin Live

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JBsee · 18 May 2022 at 12:30 PM

Russia & Ukraine are in it together

The Ukraine war is a big fakeout. Designed to bleed the NATO and US dry of money and arms and idiot mercenary volunteer soldiers sent to Ukraine, for a staged phony war. Ukraine and Russia are in on it together.
It is designed to weaken NATO and the USA so that when ww3 begins for real, the USA and NATO will fall much quicker and easier. The USA will go bankrupt soon and the Ukraine war will be the finals straw to make it happen.
Russia and Ukraine have been working together to genocide the Donbas.
If Russia really wanted to take Ukraine it could do it.
It is a contrived war, totally staged to set up the nations that will be struck in ww3, as more easy targets. Weaken your enemy first, then strike. When they do, no one will see it coming.
They will think, if Russia can’t defeat Ukraine, then they can’t do anything to us.
They will not be prepared when it comes, when they get sucker punched.

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