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Nobody cares about Wieambilla

    XYZ | By Stephen Wells – December 15, 2022

    My reaction to the news of the death of some people in Queensland including two police officers, is similar to when I hear news that two gangs of ethnic migrants have killed one another:

    I simply don’t care.

    The two police officers were both sworn in since the start of the pandemic and could have left to do something positive for the community rather than stick with the biggest organised crime group in Australia. It’s not as if there hasn’t been plenty of blatant evidence about who they were working for. If they worked for a Bikie Gang as errand boys and girls in a protection racket, then it wouldn’t matter if they hadn’t personally broken anyone’s legs. The gang itself is a target and anyone in the gang paints a bullseye on their foreheads just by wearing the colours.

    By all accounts from the mainstream media the people who killed them had fallen down the dark side of conspiracy theorists and doomsday preppers. They too are now dead. All I have to say about them is:

    I told you so.

    It’s been obvious for years that people like this would emerge. Once again, I don’t endorse them, I don’t condone them, I discourage everyone from following their example. As I have said before, your personal death is the only thing that is guaranteed in such actions.

    I have no doubt that sooner or later Australia and the rest of the Western world will reach a stage like the Gulag Archipelago where non criminals will have to decide whether or not to die when the police come to arrest them, or face years in prison where abuse will grow until those prisons are death camps. But between now and then violence against the police will grow from people who have had enough of being moral human beings with consciences and take up arms preemptively. On a side note, funny how gun control didn’t prevent that happening here.

    Each time something like this happens there will be calls for more powers and a reduction of civil liberties. Which will only increase suspicion of false flag events and more people deciding to ignore any calls for non violence.

    This plays into the hands of Globalist leaders who want more totalitarianism across the board. People ambushing and killing police officers is just the kind of thing they want to see and the media are doing all they can to hype this up. You have to be a complete idiot to want to be a police officer these days. You’re all just pawns in a game you’re too wilfully blind to know you’re part of.

    So I don’t care that two police were murdered. Don’t become a police officer if you don’t want to be murdered. As long as the Australian Government is using police to do fuck all other than collect speeding fines, persecute people with opinions they don’t like and beat and shoot non sanctioned protestors, why should anyone care about your lives? If your job involves leaving your conscience at home and “just following orders”, don’t be surprised if people forsake their consciences when disobeying your orders. You get what you give in life and police in Australia have been giving the public nothing but shit for decades. No respect deserved from the public and no mercy shown by the criminals.

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