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Nikola Tesla

    bluewater – June 20th, 2023

    2 thoughts on “Nikola Tesla”

    1. Creativity only comes from God.
      People who are demonically possessed because they hate or they do not believe in God, get their ideas from Demons, and those ideas are always the repetitive actions that those demons have repeatedly done in Hell.
      Hell is repetitive. They can’t create anything new in Hell.
      They are good at math only. They can only repeat their sins that put them in Hell and do it through the soulless or dead souls that they possess. They usually use constant talking to the possessed/psychopaths to get them to act so they can have peace from the demonic voices that give them no peace.
      The soul is creative and has the ability to LOVE, and no one who cannot love is creative.
      God is a creator and he creates out of Love.
      Love is the creative power of evolution higher and making what is BETTER.
      The devil can only make what is more destroyed. He can only HATE.
      He can only copy and turn what he copies into something destructive because there is no truth in the devil.
      He destroys what is and makes what is worse.
      Like everything that is happening now on earth: makes people Hate God and disobey God and become like the devil, a destroyer.
      The drug addicts, the LBTQ+ people, the LIARS.
      All jews are demonically possessed and they repeat what worked for Satan and his demons before.
      They are not capable of any new or original ideas.
      They copy and repeat all the evil they have used in the past to make people like them, Goddless, soulless and devolving into more demonic psychopaths over the entire span of their lives.
      Because if you do not evolve in a lifetime, you do not get a second chance.
      You will die and that is it, you belong to Lucifer forever from the beginning erasing all your past lifetimes’ evolution.
      That is why sin and insanity “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
      Exactly 33 years to the day prior to the great Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, that is, on October 13, 1884, Pope Leo XIII had a remarkable vision:
      When Satan told Jesus: “if given more time and more power I could destroy your church”.
      Jesus replied: ” I will give it to you, but you will NEVER destroy my Church.(
      The power was given to these Satanic jews who control the money system through God’s messenger: Nikola Tesla, who did it for God and the bargain. He had a soul and so he could get the news technology which the jews/satan took as their own to make themselves powerful. They do not invent or have any original ideas they can only steal and repeat the crimes already done over and over and take what comes from God to be used for GOOD and make it instead serve SATAN.
      That is why the jews need to be cast out of christian societies.
      Whatever they have that is good, the devil will take it, control it, gain a jewish satanic monopoly over it and use it for evil and to destroy all good on earth. That is the TRUTH.

      If you allow them to take the next step: ww3. And impose a banishment of all Christianity, or a takeover of it to destroy it and make it satanic then this entire world will END.

      When that bargain was made, God did it to TEST his Chosen people of Christ Jesus: the GENTILES.
      You cannot fight the devil unless you do it with God’s help at this point, the devil has already taken over the former Holy Land, nor satanic and the Vatican, now satanic and is about to become the KING of this NWO, using those 2 power grabs.
      You could all lose your souls and belong to Lucifer for eternity, from the beginning, and never know God ever again if the devil wins this one.

    2. Mark Of The Beast Prophecy

      I prayed once before going to sleep asking God if Tesla was a satanist and that night I had a dream where I saw how his technology would be used with the mark of the beast. From that dream I gather that he indeed was a satanists because of dabbling with the occult and all this tech is from devils and satan who just wants to destroy what God created. These fallen angels give the stuff to use to watch us destroy ourselves. I was surprised how fast the answer arrived to my question I prayed on my knees asking the heavenly father to tell me and he showed me that night in a dream 6 or 7 years ago now.

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