The American Journal – Jul 1, 2022

NATO Is Making Preparations For A Nuclear World War Against Russia

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PJ London · 1 July 2022 at 7:21 PM

NATO is hugely weakened by the Ukrainian fiasco.
Their reserves of weapons and ammunition is depleted to the point where they could not withstand any form of attack. (and you can bet that China has made a note of it) The divisions between the countries are obvious, France Britain and Germany still hate each other, Turkey having been bribed to allow Sweden and Finland into the group (Erdogan’s private pension really needed the extra couple of billion) is still depends entirely on Russia for half it’s revenue. Whilst UK-USA can bully the rest for a while longer, it is apparent that the “Sanctions” damage to the Western economies will cause a total collapse within 2-3 years.
Repositioning 200,000 personnel as a threat will not make any impact on Russia nor will it in any way strengthen NATO, but merely weaken it everywhere else. In fact, it seriously reduces the NATO deterrence. Instead of having 300,000 troops and their weapons spread over a 4,000 km border and 3,000 km in depth NATO is putting them in a 300km x 300km box so that planes don’t have far to go (10km?) and missiles won’t be able to miss a military target. The economies of Lithuania and Estonia will benefit and all the other countries will be impoverished accordingly.
They did this to Iraq in 1990, then to South Africa in 1991 but if you think that Russia is in the same position as these small countries you are in La-La land.
One R-28 Sarmat missile and 90% of NATO is destroyed. Putin himself could not have come up with a better plan.

believeandrepent · 3 July 2022 at 11:17 AM

This final battle of armageddon is the final war between satanic, Russia, China and their bosses, who made them communist, Communist satanic Israel, and the idiots who join them in BRICS, and the christian nations of the world, Australia, Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, South America, and North America. It will be a fight of Good versus evil, the devil and God, Satan and Jesus Christ. The final battle for human souls between the lower forces of Darkness and the higher powers of Light. Between the liars and the truth. Between evolution to a higher heavenly plane of life everlasting, or devolution to a lower realm of hell and death for all eternity. It is coming. When Turkey attacks Greece for Israel, you will know the end is coming. If the antichrist, askeNAZIS, return to their former homeland Khazaria, the antichrist will take total control of the earth and that will be the final end all mankind.
Only if humans see the antichrist for who they really are is there any hope.
If people continue to worship the devil, antichrist Israel, God will abandon all of you who do.
This is all a test to see who you belong to, who your serve, who you give all power to, the devil or God.
You really need to become wiser than serpents, or you will fall =devolve with them and by their control over you for eternity. They have been making all of you devolve lower, since you believed their lies of ww2. Now very soon it ends. The Sheep of Jesus, will be separated from the Judas goats, who betrayed Jesus Christ and sided with the devil for money.

jbeesee · 7 July 2022 at 10:04 AM

Russia and Ukraine are in on it together to start WW3. China, Russia and Isreal are one unit as luciferian nations.
They are just ethnically cleansing Ukraine, Khazaria so it will be rid of gentiles and become Big israel.
Since this is a freemasonic, illuminati Luciferian war, as are all wars.
They want to level Ukraine so the gentiles will not return.
Putin and Zelenko and every head of state are building to WW3 together as high level freemasons, illuminati, who serve the Top Luciferian Bankers, who make all wars and decide who win or loses.
They are expanding Lucifer’s communist (satanic) empire, which consists of Isreal Russia and China, to the entire world in ww3. The pope who is also a 33 degree freemason, satanist, and all heads of state are going to work together to make Lucifer’s plan a reality.
Once a person renounces Jesus and God, as all freemasons must do, they lose their souls, and become possessed by demons. Biden’s and Putin’s and Zelenski’s demons are each different.
Biden’s demons are cognitively impaired and fall down frequently and can’t express themselves verbally
in a coherent way. Harris, has a cackling demon, Putin has the fake manly man demons that is a latent homo and a sadist of the worst kind, it is a fallen angel demonic entity. Also totally misogynistic.
Zelenski is a submissive gay who needs a tranny master, type demon.
All demons are different because they committed different unique crimes against other people animals or children, that put them in Hell to begin with and they still retain that personality, tired to whatever they did to put them in Hell to begin with. Hunter is possessed by many demons, who did sex and drug crimes. The queen is possessed by a fallen angel. All the fallen angels are cannibals who drink the blood and eat the flesh of animals and humans while they still are alive. They are the worst.
The governments and all militaries, provide them with their food, it is all overseen by Israel. That is why they need the war and a new israel, to get more food, from refugees and orphaned children.
They have always done that all through history. If they do not obey the fallen angels, and do their will, then they will become food themselves. The fallen angels are powerful vampire like monstrous reptilian demonic entities.
It is provide food or be eaten, they chose to serve these devils, in exchange for technology.
All the devils technology is a noose around the neck of mankind that keeps getting tighter, until they destroy everything on earth and find a new home, they run NASA.
That is why they will all be sent back to Hell very shortly. When the sun dies and the black sun arrives to take its place. Otherwise they would, destroy the entire physical dimension of earth.
They did it to their planet Maldak, they will be stopped this time.
They are the elite, the NWO, the antichrist. Anyone who has no soul, is antichrist.
Those who serve the antichrist, lose their souls, and will go back to Hell, their spirit world with them for eternity. All freemasons are going to the abyss of Hell, very soon, in 2023.
They used NASA to kill the sun and it will begin to send massive solar flares as it dies.
It will rain fire on the earth.Those who took part in killing the sun, the illuminati, will get the worst.
Before the black sun arrives they will go through Hell on earth. You all will see it, but nothing can be done to save them. You will all see what it is like to be in Hell, when you look at them.
Hopefully that will make you turn back to God and Love him again, so you can be saved.
Many miracles will occur to do that. God does not want even one souls to be lost. He loves you.
He is just testing you. The demons can do NOTHING without his permission.
He will protect his own and they have nothing to fear. If you speak the name of Jesus to any demon or demon possessed person, they must get down on their knees. They hate that name more than you know. They think they are God. They think you will all worship them as Gods, they are the antichrist.
If you don’t worship them as God’s they will try to force you to, with WW3.
If you are with God, no nuclear bombs or radiation will harm you. The devil cannot harm you.

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