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MUST SEE! Dr David Martin Detailing Crimes by Many Governors

    Adrian Frank – Premiered May 2, 2020

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In case YouTube deletes this video, I already have it backed up at the patriotic, and also Here is the direct link to the backup at and Rumble here

    Bookmark that link NOW (because if you wait until or if YouTube takes this down, it will be too late)!

    This video has an incredible amount of data and important, vital information that clearly shows terrible constitutional and other crimes by the CDC, Fauci, and many governors across America.

    They are VIOLATING our Constitutional rights by trying to order people to stay at home. David Martin shares proof of this, and some VERY important background on how the CoronaVirus info that has been given us has been shrouded in unending and blatant lies and false news and false statistics.

    Dr. David Martin owns the rights to this video. He has given me written permission to post it on YouTube. I am sharing this to help get the word out. This needs to go viral. We cannot be sheep anymore, and we cannot allow ourselves to be uninformed (manipulated and brainwashed by leftist mainstream media) anymore! Think for yourself, and stop buying the lies!

    Here is the PDF he shares that is largely a transcript of this video, that also has a template letter that you can send to your governor (filling in your particular governor’s name and info):

    Also, here is a related video, a mini-documentary that gives some great background about Dr Fauci, from a molecular biologist/virologist who worked for him as far back as the 1980s: (this is also a link that will NEVER get censored)

    The best kind of info in this world of bias and agendas, is “straight from the horse’s mouth”, eg, “go to the source”, and this mini-documentary includes some history surrounding the CDC patent from this molecular biologist/virologist.

    Adrian Frank

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    1. Thank you for your courageous work and report. I will take all legal action to punish the criminal traitors involved in harming my country and my fellow American victims. God bless

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