And We Know Published August 21, 2021

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Amazing information and support to fight the COVID hoax + download form to refuse COVID-19 Vaccine

Military cannot be forced to take vax…see International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

France hires bullies to keep unvaxed out

Bodybuilder BOOM

Fauci indicted

Amazing woman shows what happened to her with vax’

Trump against Boosters

Dr. Shawn Brooks

Amazing video showing the Vax narrative crumbling

Stealing ballots in CA

Melbourne sign in the skies

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RD · 22 August 2021 at 9:10 PM

Research Hegalian Dialectic and Menticide.

Hegalian Dialectic involves slowly moving society from one “thesis” to a new thesis until eventually society is so far from where it began the newest “thesis” (new normal) arrives at communism.

Thesis – 2nd Amendment Liberties as enumerated in Constitution)

Antithesis – Gun Confiscation (NO gun rights)

Synthesis – or “compromise” “Let’s just have some sensible gun laws”

The synthesis becomes the new thesis or new normal, then the process starts over and over until eventually the original antithesis is achieved.

This method works with anything where a “new normal” is desired. It is now being used with COVID and the draconian mandates for masks, lockdowns and vaccines.

In order for communists to bring about the change and “New Normal” the desire they

*Create a crisis which causes fear
*Implement their predetermined “solution”
*SHAME all dissenters of their solution
*SILENCE and censor all information that contradicts the lies, misinformation and propaganda.

This method and “solutions” ALWAYS Involve giving up liberties for “safety.”

The “useful idiots” who believe the propaganda are told that the reason the crisis continues is because of the dissenters who refuse to go along.
This then creates a polarizing effect which makes it acceptable to blame and hate the targeted group of dissenters.
(This is actually the stage 6 in the 10 stages of genocide: Polarization)

Menticide is the slow killing of the mind using fear and propaganda. Eventually people are mentally exhausted because of the fear mongering and become like children, willing to do whatever they’re told to make the “crisis” Bogie Man go away and get back to normal. What they don’t understand is their compliance is power given to the tyrants and they will never be allowed back to the old normal once the new normal is achieved.

Jayebird · 23 August 2021 at 7:30 AM

At 23:35, why is nobody questioning this healthy body builder compliance to these criminals? He is putting up absolutely no resistance to being forced into their cv19 van of death and he is completely submitting to these tyrants! He is feeding this beast by complying! He and idiots like him are making these tyrants stronger! He might be physically fit, but he is mentally deranged!

Jayebird · 23 August 2021 at 7:57 AM


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