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Join DeAnna Lorraine on her new show Shots Fired! with DeAnna Lorraine with a deep-dive interview with two individuals who have been heavily damaged and disabled by the jab. Their lives have been destroyed yet they’re simply called “crazy” by doctors. Must-watch and share interviews!
Plus DeAnna goes over the top hottest headlines of the day, including the truth about the Monkeypox craze and how the same big players who simulated Covid-19 in a tabletop exercise came together LAST year in the same live simulation for Monkeypox. Plus how the Monkeypox is just a coverup for Vaccine-induced AIDS and symptoms, and much more.
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DeAnna Lorraine
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jbsee · 7 June 2022 at 4:07 AM

There will be two diseases that cause the total global lockdown and the people who protest will give them the authority to institute Martial Law. Military and UN troops will be everywhere. If you run, they plan to go after you with drones and kill you. You will have the monkey pox which is only a side effect of the covid vaXXX. Then they will spread a new pathogen Ebola/Marburg type that is also in the vaccines, to everyone in the cities by dispersing it into crowds of people. That will kill quickly and have no vaccine. The monkey pox will be in the vaccinated and the vaccine for monkey pox will give people monkeypox and marberg. Later on they will repeat this during the chaos, it will be seen as never ending and they will lie and claim it is coming from the permafrost in the climate change melting of glaciers. Big lie, in order to bring about draconian changes. Then they will poison the water systems and the air with things that will weaken your immune systems and make you more susceptible to disease and kill you. The food if any exists will also be poisoned.
WHY? Why do they need to get rid of you? Because the elite are not human entities, they can only possess the bodies of (high freemasons or satanists) those who have lost their souls. They can only inhabit as the owner of bodies that are soulless, including clones. They will make clones of any particular humans they desire or need the body of, usually bodies of people who have power and influence.
They will need only 2 selections of humans to keep alive.
One will be the ones they will turn into a slave race, like the Gray who need to be replaced.
The other will be the children. They need the children and will come for all of them during the lockdown. The children are pliable. They can put them in cages and turn them into a slave race of animals to be eaten. The fallen angels of Hell eat human flesh and drink human blood but only from living victims.
As sadists they also torture them, but only for the pleasure it gives them to do so.
They are from Hell an they created Hell as their ideal of a perfect world.
The Adrenalin is just for added energy to more and worse sadism.
You all need to pray to God and repent of allowing the jews to take over the world on behalf of the demonic entities reptilians from Hell/fallen angels. They serve the devil and gave them their present power. It is a takeover of this planet. You were only safe when you cast out the jews and Hitler came to save you from this NWO they have created. Since you chose the antichrist over Jesus/Hitler, with free will, believing their lies, you are now lost.
Only those who are one with God and have souls will be protected and saved.
Anyone who does not know who the antichrist is, and repent of having worshiped Israel the jews, freemasonry-=the antichrist will save their souls. You can’t serve 2 masters.
You will be tested. This is the end, by 2023, some will be in heaven, bit many will be in eternal Hell.
Like adam and eve, they believed the lies of the reptilians/serpents and their partial human-decedents the jews, who come from EVE. Adam and eve were not the first humans.
The children of eve were the fist jews.
It will all change in 2023. Use your free will to choose before these devils deprive you of it.
You failed during atlantis, don’t fail this time, it is your last and only (second) chance.
Everything they did to you to make you like them will be erased when God gives you new bodies, and you will be one again with creation. You must be LOVE and TRUTH, PEACE, and forgiveness and love all others as you love yourself. Do not be like the jews, violent, angry, vengeful and cruel sadists, treat them and everyone even the elite and Freemasons, with kindness and just stay away from them. Or you will become just like them, and spend eternity with them in Hell. Even when they are doing evil, just see them as an example of what you choose not to become yourself. God will protect those who follow the example of Christ only. Heaven comes to many, who are Christlike, or wish to be so, in 2023.
Remember the Prodical son and also the parable of the sheep and the goats.

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