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Ministry of Truth: 7 MILLION DOLLAR FINES for opposing The Voice online

    XYZ | By David Hiscox – June 27, 2023


    The campaign to embed a third chamber of parliament in Australia’s Constitution is going so badly that the government is left with no option but to censor the entire internet:

    Digital platforms – including social media, search engines, and dating sites – could face fines of up to $6.8m under proposed new laws aimed at combating misinformation online.

    Under historic new legislation proposed by the government, digital platforms could face penalties of up to $6.88m for failing to address systemic disinformation and misinformation.

    The latest polling indicates support for the so-called “Voice to Parliament” has dropped to 43%. Moreover, there is less than 50% support for “the voice” in a majority of states, and 47% of voters Australia-wide oppose it.

    Facing calls to postpone of even scrap the referendum vote, Australia’s desperate globalist government is responding the only way it knows how:

    The government has released a draft framework to empower the Australian Communications and Media Authority to hold digital platforms responsible for misleading or deliberately deceptive information online.

    Minister for Communications Michelle Rowland said the proposed legislation was aimed at protecting Australians from the growing threat.

    “Mis and disinformation sows division within the community, undermines trust, and can threaten public health and safety,” she said.

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    2 thoughts on “Ministry of Truth: 7 MILLION DOLLAR FINES for opposing The Voice online”

    1. Believe it, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
      Be the enemy of God’s enemy and God will love and protect you.
      God is in control and all who are the enemies of the ‘enemies of God who run this world’ are safe and will be protected, from those devils.
      The devil is kept on a short leash by God.
      He is just using the devil to test who is with Him and who is with His enemies.
      The devil at the very top, on earth is Satan/Pope Francis, and Lucifer, above him at the top,in Hell.
      They both must ask permission to do ANYTHING.
      They can’t do anything without asking God’s permission first.
      They will never be given permission to do anything to one who is with God and rejects the devil.
      Every demon is under the strict control of Satan, and Satan is under total control of Lucifer.
      Only you people have any free will to choose whom you serve.
      You are put here to rebel against the devil and his wealth and power on earth.
      Yet from FEAR, you submit to the power of the devil???
      Only you can give power to the devil, and when you do, then and only then, will God allow the devil to harm you.
      That is the TRUTH. The only one you need to fear is God.
      If you choose to serve the devil, as do all the leadership of the USA you will be lost from God forever.
      Lucifer rebelled against God.
      When you all rebel against Lucifer you will be saved and free from any harm coming from the devil.
      Only when you all do that, will the devils ruling this earth be banished back to Hell, forever.
      Unless the devil has gotten so much power from those who reject God and serve the devil, that this world will belong to Lucifer forever, will this earth be totally destroyed.
      Unfortunately that is the path the world is on now.
      Do not fear the devil, or his representatives who serve him in the government.
      Be a Child of God, and you are protected and safe, and will be raised up to HIM the father, at the final judgement.
      Serve the devil like Miss Bossy-Pants, and you will be sent down at the final judgement that is coming very soon. No one will be undecided, or static, and survive what is coming.
      It is either elevator up or down at the end. It is your call.
      Everyone will make the choice to be with God or to serve his enemies.
      Nothing to fear, except God, but only if you rebel against him.
      The only safe and saved ones will be those who rebel against Lucifer and his servants.
      Pray to God: “I believe, I adore, I hope, and I love Thee, and I ask pardon of those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not love Thee.”
      That is all you need, no one will hurt those who reject the evil (very temporary) powers that be.

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