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Militias are Ready! All HELL is going to Break Loose!

    Kim Osbøl – Copenhagen Denmark – June 13th, 2023

    Note: I been Fucking ready for a long time now… And I volunteer as an executioner when all these country traitors are to be executed for the systematic crimes they have committed against the population…!

    Satanic Pedophile UN and WHO Agenda 2030 Want to Normalize Pedophilia Worldwide! [06.05.2023]

    The Plan to Legalizing Pedophilia ‘Minor Attracted Person’ (MAP) in Plain Sight! [18.01.2023]

    Children Systematically Planned LGBTQIA+ ‘Transed Out’ & Transformed![11.12.2022]

    Human and Child Organ Harvesting is Fucking Real! Human Farming Project 1-800-HFP-MEAT [15.05.2023]
    Removed by Rumble…
    Removed by Rumble!

    Kim Osbøl Copenhagen Denmark MANIFESTO! June 28, 2022.

    Kim Osbøl Copenhagen Denmark MANIFESTO No 2. [Sept 28, 2022]

    And much more…

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