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Melbourne’s Draconian Curfew was Essentially Imposed for the “Convenience of the Police”

    Sky News Australia – Sep 8, 2020

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    Liberal Senator James Paterson says Melbourne’s draconian curfew was essentially imposed for the “convenience of the police” which is not a good enough reason to confine people “effectively under house arrest”.

    Melbourne has been subjected to an 8pm curfew since August, which has recently been revealed to be a decision made under the state of disaster powers rather than the state of emergency powers.

    The state of emergency powers are legislated to give the chief health officer the ability to enforce lockdowns throughout the state.

    On Tuesday Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton revealed he was consulted on the curfew decision but was not part of the decision-making process.

    Senator Paterson told Sky News measures such as a curfew is only justified with the most extensive and comprehensive medical advice.

    “Now we learn that not only is there not very good advice, there’s no advice at all,” he said.

    “It’s been essentially imposed for the convenience of the police and the convenience of the state government and it is an incredibly repressive, authoritarian thing to do.”

    Sky News Australia

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    1. I do love how the new curfew will be ‘extended’ until 9pm especially without any mention of daylight savings soon to start…..cheeky…..

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