wilparanormal Published October 23, 2021

Rumble — – LION DOWN as this PLANDEMIC is becoming more emotional
– Revealing the Proof that this Plandemic is nothing short of mass murder


Jemma · 25 October 2021 at 8:46 AM

Keep Fighting Back
Keep Posting…

Somebody’s Hearing You That Needs To…
Thank you for standing for humanity. Godspeed

Jemma · 25 October 2021 at 8:49 AM

This kill shot was ready BEFORE they rolled out the fake virus. The injection IS the ‘virus’. They were killing people in hospitals – tagging them w-DNR upon arrival. Thousands immediately tagged with DNR Orders:  Especially the Mentally Challenged & the Elderly, as seen in NYC. Drugged with Midazolam & Morphine – with no one allowed in to advocate. The nurses that came out witnessing this murder have been ostracized. All you have to do is open your eyes – LOOK AT THE SUFFRAGE ! OUR CHILDREN ARE DYING. OUR FAMILIES ARE DYING… HORRIFICALLY.

In the UK Murder Charges have been filed and accepted for all involved: British Doctors; Health Administrators & Gov’t Officials Making the decision to let the weak and undesirable to die off.

These Government Induced Deaths Were Then Blamed on Coronavirus & Used to Force the Public to Accept Mass Mandates – Universal Vaccine Mandates.

Starved, Isolated, and dehydrated in order to give an effect that they were entirely on their way out, they were then give Midazolam – Put on Ventilators – and then they passed away – ALONE.

There was a complete ban from anyone attending the care homes – so friends, family, loved ones – had no chance to see what was really going on.

Similar things happened in he United States with Remdesivir as an antiviral: 
Still happening today, unfortunately…

When going to hospital they are given chest x-rays, and PCR test comes back positive most every single time – they’re then given Remdesivir which attacks their kidneys – attacks their lungs. Then put on ‘Covid Board’ – given Midazolam, put on a ventilator – and, nine times out of ten they don’t survive; and labeled as a Covid Death.

It’s a sinister, sinister world we have going on – in all of our countries.

The first wave of Covid Deaths was as a result of thousands of people in care homes being murdered. People in every country were being told that these were people dying of Covid – when in fact, they were being murdered. 

Many Children in the UK are passing out in classrooms… suffering cardiac arrest and suddenly collapsing… many are dying.  This is actually being reported in the major British Newspapers.

EMTs instructed ‘hands off’ – a local woman died from an anxiety attack. WHY? Because they just watched. We are at war – make no mistake – this is a war against the people… ‘the Great Reset’.

We now have a new society against the elites. Trained professionals leaving their jobs – we will all work for each other. The Government has failed us. We have been betrayed for decades.


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