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Margarita Zikou: 48-Year-Old Aspiring Greek Politician ‘Dies Suddenly’ From Heart Problems Months After Praising COVID Vaccines

    The COVID World post date: November 29th, 2021

    IOANNINA, GREECE – Margarita Zikou, a PASOK party member who ran for MP in 2015 has died suddenly at the age of 48. Multiple Greek news outlets report that Zikou died from a sudden heart attack last week after being rushed to hospital in Thessaloniki where she underwent unsuccessful emergency surgery on November 27th.

    Zikou had shown her admiration for the COVID vaccines on multiple occasions, berating those who were hesitant and warning those who are not vaccinated that they will be forced to understand when they are sick why the vaccines are “our only weapon” to fight COVID-19.

    Margarita Zikou

    Zikou wrote on Facebook on May 19th:

    “Those who use the argument, ‘I don’t want the Astrazeneca vaccine because I’m afraid of thrombosis as a side effect’, think for a second, the chances are only 4 in a million. But if you get struck with covid, (very likely), the chances of thrombosis are 160,000 to one million. Vaccines have always been the only solution to deadly diseases …
    The best vaccine is the covid vaccine …

    To someone who had already received the AstraZeneca jab, she replied:

    “It is our only weapon to fight the deadly virus. Those who don’t understand, unfortunately, will be forced to understand when they are sick….”

    When another responded with “31-5.” presumably meaning that they had been vaccinated on that date, Zikou replied:


    You will travel anywhere without fear!!”

    Zikou’s rhetoric then took a darker turn when another person asked whether there was a chance of death from the vaccine, claiming that they worked in a funeral home and that like the flu vaccine, the COVID vaccine should be a choice. Zikou responded venomously, saying that she hoped that his only experience from a funeral home would be his job.

    Despite her fondness for the vaccine, Zikou did not post on Facebook exactly when she had received her shot, which is strange given the enthusiasm in forcing it on other people. However, she did post on July 15th saying that she wished to make the vaccine mandatory.

    Zikou’s funeral yesterday was attended by many friends and colleagues from the Greek political establishment.

    The death of people in the political class such as Zikou is a tragedy, but perhaps now that the negative effects of forcing untested medications on the populace is becoming clear, they will pause and reflect on why bullying people into making choices that should be their own has a long history of negative consequences.

    A report by ProNews TV:

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