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Macron’s call for ‘compulsory vaccinations’ the first step in ‘global authoritarian wave’

    Sky News Australia – Jul 14, 2021

    Sky News host Cory Bernardi says French President Emmanuel Macron announcing “compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations” is the first step in an “authoritarian wave set to sweep the world”.

    “I say that because there is no way a nation like France would make such moves without the approval of others in the European Union,” Mr Bernardi said.

    “And the Eurocrats who actually run the whole show, they will make sure these reforms are adopted in other European countries and then it is only a matter of time before it leeches out and reaches our shores.

    “In a televised address, Macron announced that COVID-19 vaccinations would be compulsory for anyone that wants to work in or patronise a bar, restaurant or café.

    “If you want to travel on a plane, train or bus you’ll need to be jabbed.

    “Everyone over the age of 12 will need to have been vaccinated – or display a recent negative test – to access a public show, concert, festival or amusement park.

    “Similar moves have been announced or are afoot in Italy, Denmark and in some German states.”

    Mr Bernardi said this is a “pre-cursor” to the introduction of a “vaccine passport” in Australia.

    Sky News Australia

    1 thought on “Macron’s call for ‘compulsory vaccinations’ the first step in ‘global authoritarian wave’”

    1. Please watch to this completely science-based, factual report by Dr David Martin:

      Dr Martin discusses the patents he has uncovered that show that all the elements of COVID-19 have been around and patented since about 2002! And Fauci and NIH were centrally involved in its production. Dr Martin reveals jaw-dropping revelations about how Covid-19 was developed, manipulated and orchestrated – and all those involved! He shows incontrovertible proof that the jab consists of a bio weapon injected irreversibly into the human system. It offers no protection against Covid-19 or any other corona virus whatsoever. This is not a speculative report – these are unbiased, unvarnished facts. We need to get angry now – and then angrier and angrier. Opinions that this is all a conspiracy theory stand entirely invalidated. People all across the world need to come together and unite NOW against this unspeakable outrage. There should be no more timidity and hesitancy. These complicit people need to get afraid – very afraid – of us from this point on.

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