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Local Media Recommends Parents Lie, Trick Children into Wearing Face Mask

    ‘Talk about the mask as a superpower to use against the ‘bad guys,’ a.k.a. the coronavirus’ – August 14, 2020

    A local ABC affiliate released a list of tips for deceiving pre-school children into wearing COVID-19 face masks, despite kids being in the lowest risk age group.

    The list of recommendations, provided to KVUE by Texas Children’s Hospital pediatrician Dr. Matthew Wilber, comes as children across the country are set to go back to school this fall, with many districts ridiculously requiring children over the age of two wear masks.

    One tip is to straight-up lie to children and tell them masks grant “superpowers” against coronavirus, which should be described as the “bad guy.”

    When talking about the virus, keep it simple. “We talk about viruses as being bad guys – you know, good guys, bad guys. The mask is a tool that we use to help protect ourselves and protect others,” said Dr. Matthew Wilber. He said you should talk about the mask as a superpower to use against the “bad guys,” a.k.a. the coronavirus.

    Another tip tells parents to brainwash children into thinking masks are “fun” by putting them on stuffed animals.

    Make it fun. Put masks on a stuffed animal. Decorate your mask. Find a mask that fits their personality. “It needs to be fun, so it needs to be a mask they like to wear,” said Dr. Wilber.

    If that doesn’t work, try the boiling frog approach: gradually indoctrinate the child by having them try on the mask a few minutes each day.

    Start slow. “Maybe you start by wearing the mask for a few minutes to begin with, especially if they’re not used to wearing masks. You just start with a little while and then you build up until it becomes something that they could do all day.

    Dr. Wilber’s last tip is for parents to employ pavlovian conditioning on children by periodically praising them for wearing the mask.

    Show them encouragement when they do wear their mask. “If we can tell them, ‘Hey, you did a great job wearing your mask. You know, when you wear your mask, that helps keep other people from getting sick. And it helps keep you safe as well. This is really good. You’re doing a great job.’ That makes kids feel good to get that kind of feedback.”

    Watch the Orwellian segment on how best to suffocate your children below:

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