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Late-night KFC run in Melbourne leads to 16 partygoers fined $26,000 for lockdown breach

    A late-night trip to KFC in Melbourne has cost a group of “selfish” revellers $26,000, as police ramp up lockdown enforcement.


    A late-night KFC run in Melbourne’s south has cost a group of “selfish” revellers a whopping $26,000 after they were sprung breaching coronavirus lockdown.

    Victoria Police Commissioner Shane Patton was noticeably frustrated as he gave an update on the enforcement of stage three COVID-19 restrictions, which began in the capital yesterday.

    “We said we would be increasing our enforcement and we are, and there are a range of issues over the city last night where there were parties, people who were drunk and out and about,” Commissioner Patton said.

    “We had ambos who were at a KFC at Dandenong and while they were getting something to eat they saw two people in there and they were ordering 20 meals at 1.30 this morning.”

    Police were called and given the registration of the car, which was traced and led officers to a nearby townhouse, he said.

    “When we went in, there was two people asleep but there were 16 others hiding out the back and they (had) just got the KFC meals at a birthday (party).

    “That is ridiculous, that type of behaviour. It is an expensive night when you think apart from the KFC, we have issued 16 infringements.

    “At that amount, that is $26,000 that birthday party is costing them. That is a heck of a birthday party to recall. They will remember that one for a long time.”


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