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Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea – AI Exterminating Humans Through Synthetic Biology

    mariazeee – June 2nd, 2023

    Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea join Maria Zeee to expose their correlating findings that confirm our hypothesis regarding the transhumanist agenda. Human beings are being replaced with synthetic biology, the strange clots being found inside people causing them to die suddenly is hydrogel (programmable matter), and AI may be far more advanced than we could’ve imagined, already in the process of exterminating the human race.

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    1 thought on “Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea – AI Exterminating Humans Through Synthetic Biology”

    1. BRAVO…this was amazing. These women are WARRIORS. I am honored to serve Christ and to stand and fight for truth, freedom and humanity with these women. May I only help to awaken others up and play my part. Time to wake up and stand up people!!

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