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Julieta Anahí Ilundain: 15-Year-Old Singer Dies At Her Birthday Party From Sudden Cardiac Arrest Months After Receiving Moderna Vaccine

    The COVID World post date: November 30th, 2021

    Argentina has been shocked by the sudden death of a young girl who collapsed from a heart attack and died at the start of her 15th birthday party last week. According to the Argentinian newspaper El Día de Escobar, the dead girl was Julieta Anahí Ilundain, a well-known singer from Ingeniero Maschwitz.

    Julieta was given a flower arrangement by her brother when she suddenly collapsed. Horrified onlookers attempted CPR and called an ambulance, however, the 15-year-old was pronounced dead at a local health center soon after. Julieta had received the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in late August.

    Julieta performing on stage in Maschwitz

    The young singer was well-known in the community and had competed in the 2021 Buenos Aires Games, among other activities. She was an ambassador for the local House of Culture and had participated in the Zero Hunger race two weeks ago, organized by the Municipality of Escobar in Maschwitz.

    Julieta’s mother, Karina Acosta, is also well-known in Maschwitz due to her work with the House of Culture. She shared a post on Facebook where Julieta is seen receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on August 20th.

    “Moderna for teenagers she was a little bit in panic about the needle but it’s already done”

    The recent increase in deaths of young people from sudden cardiac arrest after having the vaccine will undoubtedly add to the concern and uncertainty surrounding recommendations and mandates about administering the vaccine to children.

    To remember Julieta’s death, here is a video of her singing from Facebook. Who knows where her singing career could have led if she had survived.

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