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JEWS are our Common Enemy

    Sons Of God – July 2nd, 2023

    Jews made a huge mistake here. The Jewish media (Canary Mission) made this video but it backfires completely because the sum total of this message is a good, unifying message for the enemies of the Jews.

    I just wish those who call themselves National Socialists would actually behave like the real National Socialists. No profanity, no n-words, no racial slurs, a classy behavior, no tattoos, well-mannered, well dressed and focusing on being children of God. Those are the National Socialists who deserve the utmost respect.


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    1 thought on “JEWS are our Common Enemy”

    1. There is nothing good or anything of God in any jew.
      They belong to the devil who owns and controls completely every jew.
      Jews exist only to serve Satan.
      They have no souls.
      They are pure EVIL.
      That is the truth and if anyone cannot see that truth,
      they must be the same as the jews are: Godless, Soulless, psychopaths and Satanists.
      There are no jews in Heaven, and there never will be.
      Jews live one greedy, lying, sick, and depraved, lifetime.
      They are here just to breed more evil jews on earth to continue to serve Satan.
      When they die, they go straight to eternal Hell and Burn forever.
      Jews know that they will end up in Hell anyway, no matter what, so why be good.
      The jews are responsible for all the evil on this earth.
      The jewish meaning and purpose of life, is to commit atrocities and sadistic and cruel crimes against all gentiles.
      Jews do not have souls like gentiles do.
      Jews do not have any comprehension or knowledge of God or His love.
      They are the enemies of God and our souls.
      They are born psychopaths and spend their lives devolving even lower, into demons for their afterlife in Hell. They are destroyers of life. They are collectively: the Antichrist.
      I pity them because they are so very pitiful, hideous, and repulsive.
      They only serve as a negative example of everything you should not to be, if you want to please God and get to Heaven

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