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Jewish Terrorist Laughingly Describes How He Shot Palestinian Children During The Creation Of Israel

    EarthNewspaper – December 18th, 2022

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    “In the first 3 months I was a murderer, I would cut everyone down.”


    1 thought on “Jewish Terrorist Laughingly Describes How He Shot Palestinian Children During The Creation Of Israel”

    1. Everything they do is backwards and the opposite of the truth: a con game
      They repeat and repeat the same lies over and over, until you believe them.
      Then they feel superior and can smugly think of you gentiles, as stupid ”cattle’.
      Each and every historical event that was a part of their plot and plans, a part of their cons, frauds and scams and lies, to get power, is given to you not as it happened but as a cover up of what happened. They repeat it in movies and news etc, over and over as they self-glorify that they are superior, but mostly to keep that well paying con still going.
      An example is the titanic: The jews sunk the titanic, in order to kill the people on board who were headed to America to stop a jewsish/freemasonic/satanic part of satan’s plan/con on America: setting up the jewish/satanic Federal reserve system.
      The lynchpin to make all the rest of the communist con work, is always the Luciferian Bankers funding.

      They profit off their cons to establish one thing: communism.
      What is communism? Communism was invented by the jews.
      Only they and God, and the millions of gentiles they slaughtered to make it what it truly is, know what communism really is.
      It is a bloody consecration a satanic ritual that requires the suffering torture and death of many gentiles. The result of which is, like all satanic rituals= “getting POWER from Lucifer ”, consecrating entire nations to Lucifer and the fallen angels, their Gods.
      What do they gain? Communism is a nation, run and owned completely by the Luciferian Bankers, organized Jewry and soulless Freemason gentiles in that pyramid style order.
      “The Order” is what they call it, and The New World Order is making the entire world communist.
      The entire world of gentiles enslaved under the Fallen angels and removed from all connection or influence of God. The first step makes gentiles agnostic and then atheistic, replacing God’s powers with their technology and science.
      Knowing that God can see and knows everything that people do and think, they seek to simulate his great power, in their surveillance system of “The Order’,’ which is what the NWO will eventually become and be renamed.
      They want to replace God with the exact opposite purpose. To use it to do the opposite of what God uses it for. God uses that power to Help people to get to heaven. They will use that power to make sure people are forced against their will to do what will destroy their ability to ever get to Heaven.
      That is exactly what satanism is. The Great reset’s purpose is to enable the NWO to be the new money/religion and social credit system, society, that ensures that everyone will end up in eternal Hell from what their control and oppression and the installation of FEAR and want of resources to live makes them do.
      America, Australia, Canada, Europe have slowly been made into communist nations, nations completely under the rule of the Luciferian Bankers, organized Jewry, and soulless freemasonic gentiles who sold their souls to get to the top. That is the capstone of the satanic pyramid.
      The social credit system is built exactly like a pyramid, and exactly like freemasonry’s social credit system. The more evil you do for Lucifer, the more money and power you are allowed to have. The jewish star is the same thing, the pyramid represents that system. The more evil the jews, the higher they go in money and power. The inverted pyramid represents the MONEY given. So that the larger upside down base is all for those above, and a tiny portion of it the pointy tip at the bottom if the inverted pyramid is the money that goes only to the jews at the bottom. Many of whom serve in organized crime, drugs, porn, gambling, prostitution that exist to destroy the gentiles’ souls at the bottom. The more your soul is destroyed, the more money you get in this world under communism. It has nothing to do with what communism really is, sharing the wealth. That can only be achieved without a money system and was in reality how people lived before money, and is how Jesus told his disciples to live in the Bible. Sharing equally.
      It is how people live in Heaven.
      But that is how the devil works: he always presents his evil as God’s good, replacing what is good and of God with what is of the devil. That is the “communism” of the jews and everything else they push on the world of Gentiles, using their lies, frauds, schemes and con games.
      Every con the jews pull over on the gentiles, is always also an insult to God.
      Such as the holocaust. Hitler was Jesus Christ our Lord, returned to save us from the devil, from his minions/agents of evil, his slaves on earth: the jews.
      What they accomplished with the holocaust con, was the overthrough of God’s Catholic Church and the invasion of the antichrist jews claiming His Holy Land as their own, then with the jewish 9-11 scam/con/fraud/pack of jewish lies staright from the devil, they slaughtered millions of gentiles in the bloody Middle East Wars, that made torture again legal, taking souls, and consecrating that once Holy Land to Lucifer. That is the abomination of the desolation, in the former Holy places:
      “When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand.”
      [Matthew 24:15]
      And it cost many their own souls who participated in that consecration to Lucifer:
      “There shall not enter into it any thing defiled, or that worketh abomination or maketh a lie, but they that are written in the book of life of the Lamb.”
      [Apocalypse (Revelation) 21:27]
      They will never see Heaven, if they did not acknowledge and repent of that sin before they died.
      That is why so many people are leaving their nations in the Middle East, because once it was heavenly and now it is of HELL, consecrated to Lucifer and owned by the jews.
      It is now Communist. Everything and anything that is governed by the jews is of HELL, and not of God is ‘Communist’.
      When you believe the lies of the jews, you are governed by them and will fall for their every Con, the end game being: the kingdom of Lucifer taking over the entire earth, and the gentiles all dead and in Hell. They want the entire physical dimension of earth to be only for jews and the few who they have used made into slaves, using trans-humanism.
      They want this physical reality and to populate Hell with the dead gentiles who lost their souls by worshiping the antichrist=jews.
      That is why Jesus told us: “And he, lifting up his eyes on his disciples, said: Blessed are ye poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.”
      [Luke 6:20]
      And only for those who knew Jesus when he came as Jesus of Nazareth, the first Watch, and then as Hitler, the second Watch, and knew him, He will come for them only in the third Watch, when he comes in the clouds, after the jews use CERN to destroy the veil between this world and Hell.
      “And if he shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants.”
      [Luke 12:38]

      CERN is something above and beyond the nuclear Samson Option of Israel. It is being used as leverage to take the entire world over to the jews and their new physical reality Kingdom Of Hell, they crave and lust for the twisted all the perverted totally ‘jewish’ vile and profane pleasures of the flesh, they push on humanity. Jews are presenting as ‘good and acceptable, all manner of filth and depravity, that is sinful and antichrist.

      However, if people were truly with God, they would not be corrupted by jewish threats of antisemitism. They would know that God is in control, he is watching everything and he would not allow the jews to carry out any of their threats. Only those souls already corrupted fear the jews. The Chosen people of God, know the jews are antiChrist and anti life as God intended for it to be. They are pro-Sodom and Gommorah, and pro Hell come to earth and pro everything (themselves included) that is antichrist.

      The gentile Freemasons fear them the most and submit to their every command.
      All the threats come from the jews at the top of freemasonry to the gentiles within freemasonry.
      Because they have ruined their souls, (Satan cannot really buy a soul), by participation in the evil unforgivable acts of sin in the satanic rituals the jews force them to participate in. For which, if they do, commit deeds so unforgivable, they and their soul will be sent to Hell at death by God’s judgment. The devil is a trickster.

      In freemasonry, they make the freemasons only out of those they need and want to be actors in their cons/frauds and schemes. Schemes to take over the earth and kill all gentiles save a few they have used technology to turn into robot saves.

      Gentile, freemasons still living, can save their souls if they confess their sins to a priest and ask for forgiveness and sin no more. Also if you pray and If you seek holy people, the poor, to pray for you. Their Mother’s prayer is the best and most powerful way to save their souls. A few may have mothers in Heaven to pray for them.

      That is the reason why if you have a jewish mother, you are a jew. A jewish mothers prayers will not ever be heard by God, only by the devil, who owns all jews.

      All the jews, have no souls to save, their ancestors lost their souls because they killed Christ and his blood is on their hands still as the progeny of those who killed Christ. They can perform the satanic rituals because as soulless beings, the devils of Hell enter them and use them as vessels to do what they did to Jesus Christ our lord.
      The soldiers who crucified Jesus were jews.
      The ones who cried out, crucify Jesus and spare Barabbas, a fellow jew:
      “Pilate seeing that he prevailed nothing, but that rather a tumult was made; taking water washed his hands before the people, saying: I am innocent of the blood of this just man; look you to it. [25] And the whole people answering, said: His blood be upon us and our children.
      [26] Then he released to them Barabbas, and having scourged Jesus, delivered him unto them to be crucified.” [Matthew 27:24-27]

      The jews continued to kill Christ, with their satanic rituals by torturing gentile children, under the age of 7, who have perfect unblemished souls, as Jesus has, and drain their blood, while they are still alive, and remove from their brains through their noses the pineal gland, and remove the heart and eat it, and then drink the collected blood, they are symbolically doing what they did to Jesus Christ when they crucified him, the first time he came. They used to do it at the same time on Passover. But since they crucify him daily, by their fraud, making you HATE and despise Jesus, when he came the second time, they now do it every day, every time one of you HATES and despises Jesus as an antichrist now in Hell, when he came as Hitler, they do that ritual and drink their unholy eucharist: adrenochrome. All freemasons became freemasons for their Hatred of Hitler. They all know, after they join Freemasonry, that the truth is: Hitler was Jesus.

      If any sinners and worshipers of the antichrist jews and their evil lies, wish to save their souls, they had better do it now before they die. Because the jes are planning the total depopulation of all the gentiles on earth, by sterilization freezing to death starvation, bioweapons, and inciting you and your children to fight and kill one another when the civil wars and chaos arrive, and finally with Nuclear wars and the possibility of CERN removing the veil between Hell and this earth to come. God will not fail any soul that seeks forgiveness. He does not have any one of his children with souls he created for them to be lost.
      SAVE your souls. Stop allowing communism to consecrate any part of this earth to the fallen angels of Hell.

      Communism is: Allowing and consenting the jews to rule over you with their satanic religion=their banking money system, Freemasonry.

      You must create your own new money system, or a system of sharing all wealth as one family, of gentiles, no jews allowed, to live in peace under God, seeking God’s kingdom of heaven on earth. You must reject the jewish science and technology that seeks to replace God’s kingdom on earth with the devil’s kingdom of Hell.

      You must reject their new digital currency and surveillance system and know they are attempting to be and replace God with themselves as your controllers, enslavers who HATE God and are his worst enemies. They are envious of God’s powers, that he can see and hear all of us, no matter where we are, all the time. They seek to replace God using technology. And use science to make you believe only science is the truth, and there is no God dauntless science tells you there is. But Science is just a trick of the devil to take you from God. To wipe out forever,all the ancient knowledge God gave us in the past, calling it “myth” and “superstition” when it is the TRUTH and wisdom.

      The first disciples of Jesus were the FIRST Christians. The first to be saved by the blood of Jesus. They left Israel to teach the world about Jesus, they went all over the world and preached the gospel. Meanwhile the jews who crucified him, the followers of Moloch Mammon, were banished to Khazaria where they continued to plot the takeover of the world Moloch another name for Lucifer, and they wrote the book of satan their Talmud, and continued to be the jews who were not jews, when they faked conversion to Judaism in 823 AD as a con. The Ashkenazi are: the synagogue of satan. They were the jews who killed Jesus Christ and afterward were banished to: Khazaria.

      “I know thy tribulation and thy poverty, but thou art rich: and thou art blasphemed by them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”
      [Apocalypse (Revelation) 2:9]

      The ashkenazi were were mercenaries who took slaves and bred the race they are now: a combination of all their slaves: white, brown, black and yellow. Until Chrstopher Collumbas, a marrano jew, there was no red race in them.

      The Ashkenazi are a combination of all races, predominantly white because they were banished to Khazaria. DNA proves, they can all be traced back to the same 4 women, who were their ancestors who crucified Jesus Christ.

      The jews are the people who Jesus Christ came for, originally, knowing they would then spread his message to the world:
      “And behold a woman of Canaan who came out of those coasts, crying out, said to him: Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David: my daughter is grievously troubled by the devil. [23] Who answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying: Send her away, for she crieth after us: [24] And he, answering, said: I was not sent but to the sheep that are lost of the house of Israel. [25] But she came and adored him, saying: Lord, help me. [26] Who answering, said: It is not good to take the bread of the children, and to cast it to the dogs. [27] But she said: Yea, Lord; for the whelps also eat of the crumbs that fall from the table of their masters. [28] Then Jesus answering, said to her: O woman, great is thy faith: be it done to thee as thou wilt: and her daughter was cured from that hour.”

      The Ashkenazi are the original devil’s disciples, these evil jews who became the killers of Christ, were worshiping Moloch Mammon Iniquity=again after the flood. The original ancient money system that came from the fallen angels of Hell, before the Great Flood. The worship that led to Sodom and Gomorrah, and its total destruction. It is very similar to what is happening today.

      The Ashkenazi are from the tribe of Ashkenaz, son of Jepeth, son of Noah. The ones that Jesus referred to as “the synagogue of Satan”. The money changers who Jesus whipped and drove out of His Father’s Temple. The Ashkenazi were the real reason he was crucified. They re-created Moloch Mammon worship after the flood. They used it as their power base and a first step in Lucifer’ and his fallen angels’ incremental step by step, (now lock step) plan to take all the souls on earth to eternal Hell, now known as the NWO. They were the reason Jesus Christ came to save the Judaens. They were the ones the Judaens needed saving from.

      The Khazars used that money system to create the banking system of today. So they could return to a society that originally cast them out after they killed Jesus Christ, as powerful and wealthy. They became the original Bankers without borders. They used impersonation and identity theft long before they converted to the jewish faith, as mercenaries, to infiltrate back into the gentile world, and now they are everywhere. The Chosen people of God are the jews from the Holy Land who converted to Christianity, after Jesus Christ came to save them from the Synagogue of Satan. The ones he said this about:
      “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.”
      [John 8:44]

      They became mercenaries and were known for being the most soulless godless monsters in wars. Known for committing brutal acts that no gentile ever could commit. Just like they did in the Chinese and Russian and communist revolutions and in the Middle East Wars. Because like they are now today, they have no chance of getting to Heaven so their potential for evil is unlimited. Jews are all bound for Hell after death even if they converted to Christanity as many have done, and were baptized before they died, they can never enter heaven. They can never leave the one who owns them: Lucifer.

      Jesus came again through Hitler to save the white Gentiles because through the banking system, and freemasonry, and slavery to the money system, his chosen people, the Christian Gentiles, were being enslaved, persecuted and led into a degenerate lifestyle by the jewish control of the money system. Germany and Europe became their kingdom, just as it still is now. Hitler was blinded with a group of soldiers by mustard Gas in WW1. Then a miracle happened, his sight was restored and Jesus Christ worked through him to free the world of the tyranny of the minions of Satan, the antichrist, jews, and organized Jewry known as Freemasonry. All of his inner circle knew he was Jesus. They jews crushed the balls of the Nazis to force them to confess to lies. They don’t want anyone to know the real truth about Hitler. So much so that they pushed the Con of the fake Holocaust, to be never challenged, or disputed under penalty of prison and if they had their ay even death.

      They were also busy taking over America, Australia and Canada, using freemasonry and Banking. Also with their theft of all communications, news, educational and entertainment media, by buying it all up for pennies on the dollar, after the great depression of 1979, which the jews engineered, so they could, and also they had power through their jewish satanic allopathic anti-health, anti-life, anti-gentiles medical system.

      Goebbels and Hitler tried to sway people from allowing the jews to make them degenerate and be ‘destroyed souls’ bound for Hell. They worked to preserve all the Christian values, morals and traditions that the jews worked to destroy. The jews brought abortion, allopathic medicine, freemasonry and its wealth disparity. They paraded all kinds of filth such as, homosexuality, transgenderism, porn, live S&M sex shows in jewish owned night clubs, and all the perversions they are now continuing to bring to the world again. They brought everything that Satan needs to take your souls from God, to Germany.

      After WW1, the Luciferian Bankers and their jews and gentile freemason “actor” agents, were all well placed in high positions, even infiltrating any royal lineages that were left alive, by replacing all royal women with jewish women. The jews intentionally impoverished the royals stealing their wealth, using WW1, and then, paid the Royals to marry their jewish daughters, so that all future generations of Royals in Europe, then became jewish by virtue of having jewish mothers. All Wars come from the Luciferian Bankers to serve Lucifer’s evil plans in his battle against God.

      The devil won WW2, and Jesus and God lost. They tortured and killed Hitler. Much worse than they did Jesus the first time. Drinking his blood and eating his heart and removing his pineal gland as they now do to gentile children, as a way to re-crucify Christ. They did the same to Goebbels. Torture and death. Since then, they repeat it with millions of young gentile children under the age of 7, after they took power after ww2, not only at Passover, when they killed Christ, (blood Libel) but all the time.

      Using your belief in the holocaust lies, because they had bought up all communications and information media, all jews became the (antichrist) victims all had to worship out of shame and guilt. And using the Jewish control of all communications and informational media, Jesus/Hitelr became your hated antichrist devil.

      What Does that say about all of you to God? After winning WW2, they continued to subvert all religions of God by infiltration.

      All of the evangelical religions are satanic in disguise, all were created by the jews and paid for by the Illuminati Rothschilds to teach Christianity mixed in with worship of the Ashkenazi jews in Israel, and to teach an easy watered down effortless way to heaven, and begin the ‘prosperity’ churches that focuses on money, and money making preachers, who were all freemasons.

      Vatican 2 was all run at the top by satanists, continuing to crucify Jesus performing the devil’s favorite satanic ritual adrenochrome by the Popes in the Vatican beginning with marrano Pope John XXIII. Every Pope since him has been a freemason and a satanist, as Father Malachi Martin told us. In 1958, Martin was assigned to serve as a private secretary to Cardinal Augustin Bea, working with him in the Vatican until 1964. This brought Martin into contact with Pope John XXIII.

      They have turned the world into Sodom and Gomorrah, again and everyone called the freemasonic ashkenazi winners of WW2 Saviors, who defeated the antichrist Hitler.

      Everyone was made to believe falsely, in great false Pride with abundant EGO, that Hitler was the devil, by the Jewish owned communications and educational and entertainment media.
      It was a Jewish CON, they made them Billions and got them a nation to occupy and use as a new power base, for Lucifer, to then take over the entire world Israel. They already owned Communist Russia and China, to use to make the rest of the entire world Communist. Communist means owned and controlled by Lucifer through the efforts of his minions, the jews.

      Had Hitler won, none of this bringing the kingdom of Hell to earth would be happening. There would be no Jewish “elite” telling us to eat bugs, the FEMA death camps would never have been built. There would be child trafficking for the ritual sacrifice of gentile children under the age of 7 for adrenochrome. It all comes from the minions of Satan, the jews.

      I recommend to all to read this book:
      ‘The Incredible Bayside Prophecies on the United States and Canada !!’.
      It is for sale at the website
      I have no connection to it.
      It contains the messages from Heaven given during the visitations of Mary Queen of Heaven and earth to her children the gentiles in Bayside New York.
      The knowledge you need to save your souls is in it.
      It was disallowed for you to know it by the freemasons and jewish satanists who then, and still do occupy the Vatican.

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