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    Fearless Nation – October 15th, 2022

    “The Jewish habit of changing names is responsible for the immense camouflage that has concealed the true character of Russian events. When Leon (((Bronstein))) becomes Leo Trotsky, and when the Jewish Apfelbaum becomes the “Russian” Zinoviev; and when the Jewish (((Cohen))) becomes the “Russian” Volodarsky, and so on down through the list of the controllers of Russia—(((Goldman))) becoming Izgoev, and (((Feldman))) becoming Vladimirov—it is a little difficult for people who think that names do not lie, to see just what is transpiring.
    Indeed, there is any amount of evidence that in numberless cases this change of names—or adoption of “cover names,” as the Jewish description it—is for purposes of concealment”
    The International Jew ( Henry Ford
    Jews have done a good job of hiding the fact that Bolshevism & the ‘Russian Revolution’ were not Russian; it was a Jewish takeover of Russia that resulted in the deaths of millions in the Holodomor ( They have even effectively hidden that Communism was Jewish from its origin; “Karl Marx” is an assumed name ( – his real name was Moses Mordecai & he was a blood relation of the Rothschild family (
    Jews have long since used name changes as their main form of Crypsis ( to pass in European societies. By adopting gentile names, Jews are able to maintain their networks undetected, Jewsplain to us as “fellow whites” what is acceptable thought, & run cover for their criminal activities – when one with an obviously Jewish name is caught they lament, “Oy Vey!” (
    We now have tools that help counteract this Crypsis strategy such as the Coincidence Detector ( Combined with databases like the Mapping Project (, Jews will find it more difficult to escape retribution for their behavior by fleeing to other host nations and changing their names as they have done historically
    The real question is what happens now when they have their own country to go to…
    Source: The Serapeum

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    We are all explorers trying to find ourselves…
    Some people around you will not understand your journey.
    They don’t need to; it’s not for them.

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