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J6 Political Prisoner, SHOCKING: VA Nurse CRUSHES Covid Measures and MORE!

    Stew Peters Show Published December 22, 2021

    Rumble — If you’re able to celebrate Christmas with your family, cherish the moment. Because on Saturday, there will be families who are apart, because they have family members rotting as political prisoners in the Biden gulag. Today, we want to speak to one of those political prisoners. Jeremy Brown won’t be seeing his five daughters this Christmas because he’s being detained in Pinellas County jail, without bail, over a misdemeanor charge. Jeremy Brown joins us.

    SHOCKING: Veteran’s Affairs Nurse Blows COVID Response Lid Right Off! This RN CRUSHES the Healthcare System With an Historic Letter to Top VA Officials!

    Join Dr. Jane Ruby and Stew Peters as they answer questions from Dr. Jane’s very own telegram in this week’s Ask Dr. Jane. This time they discuss the new Pfizer plan to make billions off of new PCR tests and the omicron scam.

    Dr. Stella Immanuel Offers Ivermectin in DAYS vs Weeks, Will NOT be Silenced, as much as the Deep State would LOVE to Shut Her Down!

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