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Israel Makes SECRET DEAL With Pfizer To Murder The Masses; U.S. Sends Military To Ukraine

    Stew Peters Network Published November 2, 2022

    There’s incredibly ominous developments in Ukraine this week, and it’s all passed virtually without notice, with everyone distracted by the midterms and Paul Pelosi’s hammer attack. Edward Szall joins to explain more.

    Dr. Jane Ruby is back with Ask Dr. Jane!
    Are the vaccinated safe to drive?
    Can pure bloods clot after vaccine shedding?
    Is humanity goings to withstand the Depopulation Agenda?

    Professor Shmuel Shapira joins to expose the details behind Israel’s COVID vaxx contract with Pfizer!

    Prof. Shapira fought to create his own safe and effective vaccine for Israel, but was outrun by Pfizer, after it was tapped by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to produce the mRNA injections.

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