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Is Biden filming in a studio?

    Qanon – February 4th, 2021.

    Google Studios, Culver City, CA, Castle Rock Entertainment?

    This isn’t conclusive, without further investigation, it is indeed interesting.

    Reuters sure put quite a bit of effort in attempting to debunk it, such an odd little thing to spend so much time on? Will see.

    ThanQ Zane, Conservative News Network for sharing your research.

    *For educational purposes.


    1 thought on “Is Biden filming in a studio?”

    1. LMAO.. So they PLANTED A HUGE OAK TREE to hide what is going on?? Do you realize how stupid you sound??? And the red building you speak of is pretty far away and would not take up so much space as you are showing. YOU need to be much more precise instead of stretching the truth so you can draw an audience. I admit something IS out of whack but people that come here are looking for the TOTAL truth and not half truths. You are losing your audience young man. That was lame.

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