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In 1994, 160 Nations Agreed to Reduce the World Population to 800 Million by 2030 pureblood – January 1st, 2023

    2 thoughts on “In 1994, 160 Nations Agreed to Reduce the World Population to 800 Million by 2030”

    1. This world is and always has been a hologram, but it is created by God.
      What is happening is this: The earth has been taken over since the holocaust lie, by the fallen angels.
      It has always been a test, since Noah, as to who the earth humans belong to: either the devil in Hell below, meaning less evolved, totally not in any way in the image of God, but only in the opposite image, of Lucifer and the fallen angels who are now winning ever since the holocaust lies, were believed.
      Heaven is a place of total TRUTH.
      There are no lies or any possibility of Lies in Heaven.
      In Hell it is all lies, all backwards, evil is good and good does not exist. Truth in any form does not exist in Hell. Only those who lie and are deceptive, to themselves, and others, will be deceived and lied to by the evil one.
      That is the test. The law of one: you get back what you give.
      Governments that control, lie and deceive, are the evil one and under total control of the evil one because the are not made up of those who should have been always cast out: the minions of satan, the killers of Christ, who have no souls and from that evil pact with the devil to do it: act lost for themselves and their children, any chance to be a part of or have a future in God’s kingdom of heaven.
      Science and technology are not what you think they are.
      They mislead you and with lies, tempt you and deceive you into thinking God does not exist and you can replace him, like Lucifer.
      They are poison to all life and removal of those who partake in it from God.
      Science and technology are of the devil: Lucifer, and his way of replacing God with himself, and replacing all that is good in this world with what is of Hell death, and devolution backwards into DEMONS. There is no DEATH. There is only evolution higher into the image and likeness of God, or devolution LOWER into the image and likeness of The fallen angels, who also by attempting to KIll God and replace him, were sent to Hell with no chance of ever being a part of Heaven again.
      ONce beautiful beings of Heaven they can never return. They continue to devolve, and are now hideous monsters, ugly reptilian looking and evil. The opposite of Angels of Heaven.
      The same will happen to the human race in the near future:
      Some will FALL, those who serve the devil, all those in banking and finance, sciences, government, military, politicians, doctors, dentists, people in the communications entertainment, information, news, education, global corporations, the UN, the WEF, the WHO, all heads of state/33 degree Illuminati masons AKA ‘soulless vessels for the fallen angels’, who serve the devil on this holographic plane of existence, to take you down, because you CHOSE of your own free wills to make yourselves in his image. Who believes his lies, because you chose to be like Lucifer and lie, and seek to be your own Gods, have cast God out of your lives to do that. You can’t serve 2 masters.
      It is only the humble and poor, who like Jesus Christ in the desert, rejected the devil’s temptations for all the money and power in the world, and chose to be Christ-Like, who rejected all the false religions who claim to be Christian, but are social clubs, that accept and allow sin, and falsely claim everyone goes to Heaven automatically because there is no Hell. Churches that focus on money, called ‘prosperity’ churches are run by the devil to trick you. Even the Catholic Church since 1958, is run by the last 6 popes all secretly jewish, atheist, Freemasonic and billionaires who worship money as God. Pope Benedict, attended the Bohemian grove satanic Ceremonies.
      Everyone has made their choices. The Holograms that will come will be for the evil who have chosen Hell and to be God, unto themselves, just as the fallen angels of Hell chose, to go down to Hell and be separated from God for eternity. Separate from God and having NOTHING of God there, or in themselves, to devolve into demonic entities.
      That world of Hell is also a hologram.
      Heaven is a Hologram made by GOD, for his children, who he loves.
      What is really happening is the separation of the sheep of God and the Goats of satan.
      Hell is a hologram world created by Lucifer for his demos who he HATES.
      Hell is total lies and HATE and eternal death and torment=the exact opposite of Heaven.
      As this age ends it will be split, as the humans of earth split, into 2 separate groups.
      Most have already chosen their futures, and all jews go to Hell anyway, they chose their future when they killed Christ, and did so seeking to become the sons of god and rulers over all men as per, the devil’s bargain/temptation, for them, to serve him. The fallen angels chose Hell when they attempted to replace God and rule over heaven and all the other angels. The angels who sided with Lucifer, thought they could rule Heaven. They now rule Hell.
      There are laws of creation.
      Creation is not stupid or evil. What is evil i(what seeks to destroy and replace creation by destruction) is cast out, to protect creation.
      It is the law of One: you get back what you give.
      Soon the world will split, some will be going down, and Hell itself will be presented as the holographic reality the goats on the left will experience.
      However, the children of God, who LOVE God and one another, who respect the Mother of Jesus Christ Mary and all the Saints and angels, not the ones who have been taught by the fake christian churches that they do not matter, only Jesus matters, have insulted him. Jews made those evangelical and false religions, to trick you, and they and freemasonry still run them at the top as money making businesses and they all have secret child satanic abuse rituals within those religions.
      You who deceive and lie, will be deceived and lied to.
      Seek the truth, and know, to get the truth, you must also give the truth.
      To receive God’s love, and protection and Heaven for eternity, you must first LOVE God above all else.
      Stop worshiping MONEY, Fame and Power. Be like Jesus showed you, and you will not see the hologram which is Hell, you will go UP, higher to Heaven and meet the one who loves you, who created you out of LOVE and does not want you to go to Hell.
      He gives you the free will to choose.
      The jews have no chance for that possibility, the fallen angels will never have that.
      The jews have no free will, the fallen angels own them as Slaves, and because they have no souls, the fallen angels and any demon from Hell can occupy and possess them and use them for any purpose they choose. The Fallen angels live in such bodies now, as they carry out their evil wicked and vile plans. They live in the soulless bodies of Freemasons who as Illuminati have sold their souls to Lucifer and now are his total slaves. The beings of Hell possess them at will to work the evil plans of the fallen angels to take you all down to Hell. They HATE you, because he knows what Heaven was like, and so They are envious of all gentiles. They do not want you to have what they Lost for eternity.
      There is no death. There will be Heaven or Hell, the jews have no choice, they will only know Hell, and never knew Heaven or God, but all gentiles have the opportunity to know Heaven next.
      Please do not be fooled, or tempted, be Christlike, be and do only what is done in Heaven, be Christlike.
      The devil wants you to fight and kill one another in wars. Be Christlike, do not hate, Kill, or injure anyone. Do as he did when he cast out the money changers. If you have God, there is no need for MONEY. LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FORGIVENESS, Mercy, Be God’s children faithful and true, or you will serve as a slave in Hell for eternity. Do not be like the devil in any way shape or form.
      Do not do what is done in Hell, or you will go down to Hell, which is a hologram.
      Satanism is doing what is done in Hell on earth, it is what all jews do in secret.
      They work to make the earth a replica of Hell. The devil only gives you what will make you wish you were dead, in a place where there is no death.
      Christianity is doing only what is done in Heaven all the time on earth: to make the earth a replica of HEAVEN. LOVE one another as one family, the children of God. PRAY for what you need from God “and it will be given.” That is all you need to do: what you are is your own choice unless you are a jew. You can choose to be like Christ, or like the devil, you still have free will and a short time to do it.
      This earthly Hologram is coming to an end.
      This age to evolve higher or devolve lower is coming to an end.
      THis world has always been a hologram.
      The devil has been working to replace their world’s hologram, with the hologram of HELL.
      The Heavenly beings, Saints, Angels and Mary Mother of God most of all, have been working to SAVE you and take you to a new Hologram that He, God will Make: a new heaven and earth as one place.
      A more evolved Heaven and earth, because as we on earth evolve higher, so do those above us.
      Mary and the Prayer of the Holy Rosary, are weapons that will take you to Heaven.
      LIke the Chinese Goddess of Love, Mercy, and Compassion, who will never leave or abandon her children until the end of time: Quan Yin. We would not have Jesus, had it not been for Mary.
      She is the only reason you have this extra time, the miracles to come, including the warning, to save you all from eternal Hell. Had Jesus not come though Mary as a child born of a Human mother, (in Hitler’s case and others, he can only live in the body of a saint with a pure and good soul) then all of you would be going to eternal Hell. When you insult Jesus’s Mother, you insult Jesus.
      All the evangelical fake Christian denominations have come from the jews and the money from the bankers (Luciferian fallen angels) paid for it all, to destroy God’s one true church.
      The Luciferians arranged and paid $$$ to destroy the Catholic Church.
      The Catholic Church will be used to bring about the new social credit system under the Antichrist/One World Religion. The Pope is a Jewish atheist freemason. But the teachings of the Catholic Church are the only way to become Christ-like. That Church is about to become the Church of Satan, One world religion, so stay away from it. But reject the false teachings of the evangelicals who are puppets taught to worship Israel and the jews AKA the enemies of God and all that is holy. Those false watered down and misleading teachings will take you to Hell. It is not Jesus only, it is Jesus and all who are above in Heaven, who were once Human beings like you, and those who were not ever Human like you. Only those who submitted for your sake to become Human, Mary was also a virgin Birth, care enough to help you get to Heaven, Pray to them, LOVE His Mother, or you will fail.
      Israel and the Vatican and America, are controlled by the jews, and everything that is owned and controlled by the jews are owned and controlled by the fallen angels through them, they are the abomination of the desolation, they will become Hell, they will all become part of the hologram of Hell. Only those who are of God will be transported from earth to the new heaven and earth.
      Those who submit to, or believe the LIES and deceit and frauds of: the jews or the WEF, WHO, UN etc, run by the Fallen Angels, Luciferian Bankers, elite any jew or soulless beings Illuminati such as Gates, Musk, Klaus, Harai, Trudeau, Biden, Trump, Bolsonaro, Zelensky, Putin, Xi, etc, who as soulless beings are vessels to be possessed by demons, fallen angels of HELL, any time they chose to control them more totally, will fall to the lower plane of existence: the hologram of HELL, a new and more horrible one, as it has to become more devolved, a place everyone there wishes to leave but cannot. You will see it as the black sun when it comes here, it is a prison for those who served the devil and his MONEY religion=freemasonry. Everything the devil made from Money and freemasonry will be destroyed.
      Those who are going up/higher, evolving into more Christlike angelic beings suitable for existence in HEAVEN because they made this world more like heaven by being more like Christ, will see Jesus coming in the cloud which are really coming to them as a new hologram, the new Heaven and earth, a place no one would ever want to leave.

    2. Killing millions of people has always been a satanic ritual, a satanic ceremony, especially in Wars, and now with bio-warfare and poisons, in the air, water and food, it helps to bring the world down lower to the image and likeness of HELL, the lower vibration of Hell. Satanism is a religion that practices the imitation of Hell, makes the earth resemble Hell in order to make that choice by the participants to go to Hell and spend eternity there. It is the antiChrist Jewish religion. Everything in their Talmud is a road-map to getting to Hell when you cross over.
      They turned that religion into the new bad values and corrupted morals of the society we now live in.
      A society that was supposed to be more like heaven, and more Like Christ taught us to live.
      The deaths and every war and all the money that exists, has been used to promote satanism and satanic abuse rituals on us all with poisons called medicines and vaxxxines or military exercises.
      ‘The Powers That Be’ have been sacrificing Christians and all gentiles to their gods, the fallen angels of Hell, forever. They now live in Human bodies as the 1%, the wealthiest elites of the WHO, WEF, UN etc.
      The bankers, finance and Vanguard and BlackRock, will all be totally destroyed and sent down to Hell, because they serve the devil, and all who served any of them, will go down with them. No matter what religion a person is, their souls and the progress that soul has made, in reaching higher, towards perfection, will be saved from the horrors to come. Pray and Love God, trust in Jesus Christ, and you will not be condemned to Hell. Even if you are now a sinner there is still time to repent and ask God for his unlimited mercy. You must do it of your own free will. No one will force you. But the evil one is going to attempt to force you to accept the mark of the beast out of fear, starvation, wars, and then a false Antichrist who claims to bring peace, and the love of MONEY. It is a CON game, make life Hell, then claim falsely that “they”, TOTB, Antichrist who made that Hell, has suddenly arrived to save you from it. They are grifters, in on it together, to make you think it is good to take the mark of the beast, of the new savior the antichrist. “Be wiser than serpents’ ‘. They are all going to Hell/condemned to Hell themselves, so do not join them, that is all they want, to make their eternal misery your eternal misery, when only you gentiles with souls, have always had that possibility.

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