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Identity of the Antichrist REVEALED

SonOfEnos Published November 29, 2022

A New York born Jew called Yanuka Rav Schlomo Yahuda has been declared by Israel to be their long awaited Messiah. They believe he’s the man whom the Talmud says that his arrival will usher in the complete enslavement of the human race.

Covid, the Abomination-Shot, all of it has been engineered to lobotomize the jabbed, hook them up to the mainframe, so they’ll become obedient programmable slaves to the Beast System.

They believe the subjugation of the human race is their destiny, and they’ve enacted a plan spawned by Lucifer himself to make it come to pass. I’m exposing it all in this video, you are not gonna want to miss it.

I’ve gone full “Death Con 3” truther, because I’m beholden to you, my viewers. It’s your support alone that allows me to continue making these shows, your generous contributions are much appreciated. Here’s the link

Thank you, and God Bless

4 thoughts on “Identity of the Antichrist REVEALED”

  1. Nothing that comes from those people, is not from Hel and totally evil and a lie, a con.
    I would not belive one of them if they stated the sky is blue.
    Iif his middle name is shlomo, it is the antichrist.

  2. It is not the FAKE and FALSE claim that the gentiles HATE the jews, AKA antisemitism that is the problem.
    It is the FACT that the jews HATE and work to enslave all Gentiles as history proves, that is the real problem.
    And as sociopaths always do, the jews turn it around and project their own evil onto all gentiles as their scapegoats..
    Gentiles do not HATE, or work to send other gentiles to Hell, unless they are traitors and satanist freemason who work as actors for the jews in their agenda of Hate and domination over all gentiles, using freemasonry as its powerbase.
    The jews who lost their souls and their connection to God and became one with Satan when they Killed Jesus Christ, continue that through their descendants, todays’s jews.when they told Pilate to free Barabbas and torture and crucify Jesus.
    “And the whole people answering, said: His blood be upon us and our children.”
    [Matthew 27:25]
    If people have no potential whatsoever to ever ascend higher to Heaven, and have only Hell to look forward to after death, they have no reason to ever obey the 10 commandments, be good and Love God.
    They only exist to get as much money, fame and power over others, the gentiles, as they can, and also to do the will of Satan against God who they both hate, for casting them out of Heaven for eternity.
    All satanic rituals make people more powerful in one way alone: more demonically possessed.
    The more evil the ritual, the more evil the demons, so that as illuminati, the demons possessing them are the fallen angels of Hell who were never human and the most very powerful demons of Hell who do not allow any free will in the Illuminati members.
    They have total control. So do not blame God for any of the evil in this world; it comes from them alone.
    That is what is really happening behind the lies of the totally jewish elite.
    By WW2, all the Royals left alive were poor and many jews became rich, (that is what wars are really for) then the royals and all formerly wealthy were given back enough money to marry & interbreed with jewish women.
    Only if your mother is Jewish are you a real jew, with no soul, no opportunity whatsoever to attain eternal happiness in Heaven.
    Gentiles on the other hand, who sell their souls to become freemasons, or satanists, have until they die, to repent and return to God and seek his mercy and forgiveness, which is infinite.
    Gentiles have souls and guardian angels and the love of God, that gives them a conscience, and if they Love God and one another and do not sin reject the devil and his constant lies and temptations and obey the 10 commandments of God, the world becomes a better place from you doing God’s will.
    God gives free will, he does not control and dominate, you must choose of your own free will to Love God who loves us more than it is even possible for us to Love.
    There is nothing of God in the jews.
    They desire to get as much as they can of this world, before they exit after death and go directly to eternal HELL.
    So they will do anything to get money and power to dominate and control gentiles, even wars and covid which was biowarfare.
    They are the real Haters, of God and all gentiles who choose to do what is good, over what is evil.
    Gentiles who obey God’s laws, stop the plans and schemes of the jews to get more and more money and possessions at any cost, with fraud, lies, and con games.
    That is what Bernie Madoff”s (64 billion) wife meant when she said: ” It’s the gentiles” she was not correct, he went to jail because he broke the law of the Tamud, you can rob and steal from gentiles, but never from fellow jews. Bernie broke that law, he went to jail because of the jews. But jews always say the opposite of the truth.
    Further, the jews truly hate the gentiles out of ENVY.
    They hate us because we have souls, guardian angels, and the LOVE of God, and we also love God, which is required to get to Heaven. The more you LOVE God, the easier it is to get to heaven, that is why the jews who very well know that God exists continue to try to take God out of our schools out of our lives and out of our churches and even to deny that God exists and attempt to replace god with themselves and their technology and science.
    They are even planning to lie to you and tell you that if you accept the mark of the Beast/digital nano-biochip implants, for the great reset CBDC’s central bank/church of Lucifer, currency (which is not currency but a social credit system they own) that you will feel like you are in heaven, an ecstasy so overwhelming as if you were in paradise.
    But the exact opposite will happen, you will become like the jews: soulless and godless and in Hell for all eternity.
    That is the TRUTH, and the only thing the jews ever will tell you is the exact opposite of the truth: lies and sometimes they mix in a little bit of truth with their lies, just to keep you confused and separate you from the truth.
    A message to all Gentiles:
    LOVE God, and obey his commandments, as in do not do what the jews tell you to do anymore. and SAVE your souls.
    Because everything and anything the jews do or say (especially in this article) has one agenda: to take you from God and make sure you do not get to heaven and at the same time take your money and your freedom, enrich themselves in money and power so they can dominate and control and enslave you.
    They wish to make all evil ,wicked, vile and satanic things that lead to Hell and damnation: legal and acceptable to gentiles.
    They wish to make all things that are acceptable to God and lead to heaven ILLEGAL and turn all religions that lead people to Heaven, ruined by turning them all into a one world religion that, appears like all of them on the surface, but is SATANIC, the worship of the leader of all the fallen angels Lucifer.
    They wish to do this so that none of you will get to heaven, and all of you will take the Mark of the Beast. That is why Francis the Marrano jew, is the Pope.
    Remember, when Marrano jews became Popes in the past, they brought out the Inquisition.
    Gentiles were the victims, the Healers in particular, and they killed them to begin what is now modern allopathic medicine.
    That fills you with poisons and does not heal or cure, but makes you become more sick and unhealthy.
    Jews can not heal or cure anything and they control allopathic medicine.
    Only Prayer and cures from God, natural cures that come from healers who have souls, can heal you.
    That is what Christian Science is based upon.
    The jews want to use science and technology, to erase God, to replace God, and to make themselves Gods over all gentiles.
    Or you could do what Jesus did to the synagogue of Satan: He cast the money changers out, and that is the real reason they crucified him. He was a threat to their money and power.
    Today the jews say: ” Jesus came just to get Money and power as a King” . The opposite is true, he came to take away theirs.
    They say “we will crucify him again if he returns”. They crucify him over and over when they destroy souls via freemasonry,
    God cast out the fallen angels of Hell for the same reason, they wanted to Kill and replace God, to have his power and use it for evil, to make heaven like Hell.
    Now you have the same choice, but the the jews use “antisemitism” as a means to keep you from doing what Jesus Christ came to do, to the jews, convert them and make them a part of God’s Chosen people: the gentiles, and he failed when they killed him instead. Just as God tried to prevent Lucifer from taking one third of the angels to war against God, and he failed, the jews and the fallen angels will spend eternity in Hell by their own Choices. The same goes for all Gentiles.
    You still have free will, but only until they roll out their mark of the beast.
    Choose, TRUTH, LOVE, peace, non-violence, kindness and virtue,
    or choose to be the opposite, to be like the jews: LIES, war, violence, cruelty, sadism, and no conscience or limit to the evil you will do to get power and money to replace/erase God and be your own god, and spend eternity in Heaven.
    This is your last single opportunity to choose, before the end of this age and the final judgment.
    It has a lot to do with the fact that antisemitism is obedience, allegiance and love to God, and accepting his will that you should spend eternity with God in Heaven.
    It is about choice and preferences only.
    I see the jews as the negative example of the antichrist personified in every one of them.
    They have an unlimited potential for doing what will send anyone to eternal Hell, because that is where they all go anyway, if they are born of a jewish mother.
    If their ancestors did not convert and adore Christ as their King at his crucifixion.
    I chose to be Christlike, and know that what the jews are is antichrist.
    I have a right to that choice. It is not HATE, as the jews love to claim.
    It is a choice between serving the antichrist or Christ.
    it has NOTHING to do with HATE, it is about LOVE of GOD.
    Antisemitism has NOTHING to do with HATE.
    The jews always lie. It has everything to do with LOVE, Love of God and denying the devil.
    That is what they are keeping you from doing. They want you to HATE them. That is why they are doing everything they can make life impossible unless you worship them and their sadism toward all gentiles in total FEAR, out of desperation as their total slaves.

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