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How children as young as five could get Covid jabs in their CLASSROOM within months

    NSW government in talks to have school children as young as five vaccinated

    Students would be vaccinated in their classrooms before Christmas holidays

    Therapeutic Goods Administration yet to approve application made by Pfizer

    By Aidan Wondracz For Daily Mail Australia and Australian Associated Press

    Published: 07:35 AEDT, 8 November 2021 | Updated: 07:50 AEDT, 8 November 2021

    NSW school children as young as five could soon receive the Covid-19 vaccine in their classroom.

    The state government is currently in talks to have children under the age of 12 jabbed at their school with hopes to speed up the rollout before Christmas holidays. 

    In the US, vaccines are being given out to children as young as five, but in Australia you have to be 12 to get the jab – leaving unvaccinated young children stuck enduring two weeks of quarantine if they come into contact with a positive case.

    Pfizer plans to distribute its vaccine to the younger age group and has already begun its application at the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

    NSW education minister Sarah Mitchell is also in talks with the health department about rolling out the vaccine on school grounds.

    ‘This is something I very much support,’ she said. ‘I want to make it as easy as possible for families to get their children vaccinated.’

    Government sources have indicated a decision from the TGA could be made within the next month, The Daily Telegraph reported. 

    Professor Allen Chang, who is sitting on the panel that will make the decision, warned the approval process could take longer.

    ‘I wouldn’t expect that we’ll be vaccinating kids before the end of the school year, and maybe not even until early next year,’ he told The Daily Telegraph. 

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