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Horrifying Discovery In Unvaxxed Blood – Dr. Ana Mihalcea

    SGT Report – August 1st, 2023

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    Dr. Ana Mihalcea joins me to present her research which I personally find horrifying. Ana presents her findings of unvaccinated blood with Darkfield Microscopy and her experiments with Clifford Carnicom on human blood finding hydrogel chemical signatures. She explain how the filaments are constructed, and how she discovered the self-assembly process in embalmed blood. We present this news and research in the public interest as the vax bioweapon genocide program coverup continues unabated as untold numbers of human beings around the world continue to die.

    Dr. Ana’s Substack:

    2 thoughts on “Horrifying Discovery In Unvaxxed Blood – Dr. Ana Mihalcea”

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    2. What about using Zeolite in colloidal form? This has been used for a couple of decades and it also crosses the blood brain barrier as it is nana size .

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