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    tangentopolis (world orders review) – September 2nd, 2021

    Geoengineering Watch
    (world orders review)
    Ice Nucleation Activity of Graphene and Graphene Oxides
    (source) Historical & Present Truths:
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    “Nothing has been normal here this year. In June, it was almost 100 degrees Farenheit for most of the month. In July, the air was thick with smoke, so most people with lung issues had to stay indoors, plus it was still hot. In August, the air was cold even in the sunshine – felt like October. Disgusting white sky’s since August almost everyday. Normally, this area has blue sky’s. Apparently they don’t want to miss a spot.”

    What aren’t we being told? Is the highly toxic and controversial element graphene being seeded into our skies as part of the ongoing covert climate intervention operations? Is climate modification the only motive behind the elements being utilized for atmospheric aerosol spraying programs? Are other agendas also being carried out? Do the weather makers and their controllers consider the consequences of their actions? Or is it possible that many of the consequences are, in fact, part of the agenda?

    ????A Few Of The Comments: ????????July 31, 2021

    @ James Reinhart:

    US used Graphene net which is an exceptional conductor and is a strategic weapon requiring Presidential Sign Off against Baghdad in 2002 as the entire city went dark and the fragments shorted out all attempts to bring electricity back to the city for years as only spots could be rebuilt since all of the infrastructure was not possible to clear or clean. It is 1 atom wide and created by DARPA and MIT in large sheets. The term to tear this netting is called fission.

    To bad that this is not known except for the few of us that monitored this event. This will end up in the trash like all the rest. The US is not what you think it is or was. Owned by the Crown, the Temple Knights of St. John in the City of London Corporation of which the Inner temple and middle temple still exist.

    Frederick Gates was the lead researcher from the Carnegie School, now Rockefeller University that created the extremely deadly Pneumonia, Meningitis “Vaccine” in 1918. I have the paper. 1818-1824 it was Cholera that these Saturn worshippers let loose in India and west Asia for UK and US for the Opium Wars to come.

    @ V. Susan Ferguson:

    VSF: This is only one company of many in the graphene business. There are five others that are recommended as stock-buys for investors. Applied Graphene Materials (AGM), Haydale Graphene Industries (HAYD), AIXTRON (AIXA), Applied Graphene Materials (AGM), ZEN Graphene Solutions (ZEN).

    The Future of Graphene and 5G, Grolltex Manager, April 2nd, 2018

    At the February Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain, the close connection between graphene and 5G technology was one of the main sources of attraction. Both have been featured prominently in the news recently as new-age wonders, so it’s only natural that the two would at some point combine forces to produce some truly remarkable capabilities. That time appears to be in the very near future, as considerable research has been underway on ways that the two could support each other for mutual benefit.

    Monolayer graphene has only been commercially available for about the last decade, but it has already made a powerful impact in the areas of high-speed photosensitivity, farming applications, flexible photodetectors, medical diagnostics, and water purification processes. 5G of course, has been hailed as the future of communications for several years, and is considered to be the enabling technology for both VR and AR. Some of the ongoing research has been related to finding ways that super-conductive, flexible monolayer graphene could be used to support the needs of 5G technology, to help finally achieve the breakthrough it needs.

    5G technology cannot simply be scaled up from previous technology to meet the demands of high-speed communications of the future – it needs an enabling technology. Enter monolayer graphene. By late 2017, a research team at Chalmers University in Sweden had developed a method of combining graphene flexibility with terahertz detection so as to make it possible to connect the Internet of Things (IoT), via high-bandwidth technologies available in 5G…

    See more to this comment. Please review it from Dane’s site as well as the ‘grolltex’ site.

    tangentopolis (world orders review)

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