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    The Marshall Report – March 6, 2021

    Sidney Powell is hard at work fighting for We The People and has not let up. She explains how the people can get involved. Remember her in your prayers and enjoy this surprise interview she had with Ann Vandersteel.

    Sidney Powell highly suggested that everyone see the film “Kill Chain” which was released 7 months ago and is available on line and YouTube pay per view. Here is the trailer.

    Producer and Director, Sarah Teale discusses her experience of making the film and what it means for the upcoming elections with Katty kay, presenter of BBC World News America. Before the 2020 Presidential Election, Kill Chain, premiered on HBO in March 2020, uncovered the severe vulnerability of our voting systems. “The film follows Finnish hacker and cyber security expert, Harri Hursti, as he travels around the world to demonstrate the weaknesses of our election systems and the many techniques used to gain access to voting systems, the result being a breakdown in trust and ultimately the undermining of democracy. The film is highly disturbing, but simultaneously fascinating and enlightening.”

    The latest update from Juan O Savin. In this conversation with Sean Stone, Juan explains where we are, and what is taking place between the BLACK HATs and the WHITE HATs in the military. There is a war going on, the likes of it are right out of a dooms day Hollywood film. He thoroughly takes the listener through a walk behind the real threats and the real actions taking place. He gives one of the best talks I have heard him deliver and calmly explains all the options. Including the option of civil war if it were come down to that. He believes it will not come down to that, but he firmly states that losing is not an option. He views what we are going through as a near death experience and urges all of us to look at this as a wisdom experience…a real wake up call and reorder who we are as a nation and then get our house in order. He sees us then going into other nations and helping them to do the same and together end the evil human and child trafficking that is world wide and controlled by the same evil people who desire to enslave all of us.

    God bless every one! Have a great day and remember – stay strong! God’s kingdom is coming!

    Trust in the Lord, for the way, the truth, and the light!


    Mar 07, 2021 Editors Note: Kill Chain can be viewed on Rumble here:


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