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German Scientists Find Nanobots & Possible Morgellons Swimming Around in BioNTech Covid-Jab

    SonOfEnos – September 25th, 2021

    You seriously couldn’t make this stuff up, what has actually been found within the frankenshot is beyond sinister. Within the Abomination that they have been injecting into people, contains things that are capable of moving on their own volition… That can’t be good.

    The Scientists have also found what looks to be organic parasites (possibly hookworms) swimming around in the vaccine sample. They’ve also found sharp-edged nanoparticles that look like they could be designed to cause damage by eviscerating any cells they come into contact with. They found what could be morgellons fibers in the vax. As well as what appears to be some kind of nanotechnology that’s capable of self-directed movement.

    And of course, lots of graphene oxide

    I have a feeling that it’s not going to be very pretty when the full-effects of the Covid-Shot start to become apparent.


    1 thought on “German Scientists Find Nanobots & Possible Morgellons Swimming Around in BioNTech Covid-Jab”

    1. What would be the fastest way to “MAKE” everyone be at your command? Infect them with something that would require constant re-vaccinations or DIE. Well, if this lab had detected the very things that will make our world’s population stand up and salute the “New World Order’s” Flag, this could do it. Is it possible that someone created the perfect way to create the mindless followers of Socialism? Maybe, but we won’t know until “they” get close to 100% compliance with the “I got the COVID Vaccination Shot” Program. The People who are considered the Rich Elite, did they actually get the same vaccinations as the rest of us? Or, was it planned all along that the promoters of this dubious vaccine would be exempt from the horrors of being one of Mao’s / Stalin’s / Hitler’s mindless Millions?
      Even GOD could not protect us from our own so-called Leaders who made the Vaccine mandatory and we obeyed!

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