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Freedom Moon Rising

thecrowhouse – January 29th, 2023
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2 thoughts on “Freedom Moon Rising”

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  2. It is coming: the dollar will crash, the US will have an economic collapse, with starvation and no working infrastructure as garnish. The 5G and more bioweapons run on 5G-6G and fake vaccine death jabs for it, will wipe out the Military and the medical industry.
    America will be hit with cataclysms. Satan owns the weapons to do it.
    Russia and China will offer “fake aid” then UN and foreign troops will conquer the US, it will be no more.
    Then the rest of the former free world (CA, UK, EU, AU,) will collapse afterwards.
    All freedom will be gone.
    The Ashkenazi satanists have it all planned.
    Big genocidal Satanic ritual billions will die, to consecrate the world to their God: Lucifer.
    What is coming can only be prevented if the Bankers and all jews are dealt with the way Hitler who was Jesus Christ showed you: the criminals they are, and arrested for their crimes.
    The Bankers must be arrested, the way they did in Iceland.
    Otherwise, this world will be gone shortly after.
    There will not be any earth.
    Those who choose the jews will all be in Hell permanently.
    The people who do not side with the enemies of God and life itself, who are the promoters of Hell on earth, will go up to Heaven.
    Then it ends with 3 days of darkness: the earth sinking DOWN into Hell which is below this flat earth.
    The fact that that will never happen is the sign to God that you have chosen his enemies and the enemies of your souls over God.
    There is no middle ground; you can’t serve 2 masters.
    Jacinta is a man, when people live in a LIE and own their narcissistic EGO delusions as truth, as the trans people do, they become sadistic towards anyone who sees the truth or speaks the truth and shuts them up and seeks to totally control them. They are insane and belong to the devil and his LIES.
    There is no truth in HELL.
    Only God is truth and sanity.
    Psychiatrists do not cure anyone.
    Science is just the satanists attempting to be “gods”.
    Only God the creator of all life and this universe is GOD.
    Science is nothing, compared to God’s powers and anyone who tries to supersede his POWERS, is cast out into Hell, just like the Fallen Angels were.
    The sheep and goats are being separated.
    God is watching and testing every single person on earth.
    He does not need ‘technology’ to do it.
    God’s powers are infinite.
    The devil’s powers are finite and FAKE like the moon landing.
    You are either a good person who loves God and does his will=bringing GOOD to earth through you, those have angels to guard and protect them.
    Or you are like the jews who worship Lucifer and do his will alone.
    Those crazy people acting strangely are those who are against GOD, and chose to be with the devil and so are possessed by demons who make them do their will and the elite also are here to do the will of Satan and Lucifer.
    It all end by May 2023.

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