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Freedom Convoy Growing like Wildfire! The World is Watching so Join Now!

    Amazing Polly – February 4th, 2022

    This is our chance! Updates on the convoys, a significant ally joins the fight, international media calls out Trudeau and some very inspiring clips! To support Amazing Polly & see news from around the web: *THANK YOU!*
    OOPS! I didn’t catch my mistake till too late: The convoy surrounding the legislature is in Saskatchewan on Feb 5th! Be there!


    Corporal Daniel Bulford Speech:

    #coutts #alberta #canada

    Editors Notes below:

    There are links below, If you wish to express your concerns to the Ottawa City Council members who are demanding that the money raised to help the peaceful protestors from GoFundMe be cut-off.

    Diane Deans has called these Canadian protestors ‘mercenaries’. See here

    Ottawa City Council members Diane Deans and Mathieu Fleury below.

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