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    ShareDevil – October 23rd, 2022


    1. Yes the earth is flat, and above the earth is Heaven, and below the earth is Hell.
      You will see Hell come above and know it is Hell, it will have space crafts, coming from it.
      There are demons in Hell, the entire Black sun is lying below the earth but it will rise, when humankind (oxemoron), reaches the peak of its evil, and the sheep are separated from the goats.
      It will be there bigger than the earth and it will make everyone feel what it is like in the darkness of Hell.
      Worse, all the demons that come down to earth will eat humans while they are still alive.
      One of the astronauts spoke about it in terror of it, being below Antarctica.
      Everyone will choose where they will go next when this earth is no more, under the earth in eternal Hell, or above in Heaven.
      Right now the pope is starting the one world religion called ‘Chrislam’, it is the one that Paster Dana Coverstone dreamed about in his latest dream called the Halloween dream. it is on You-tube.
      This will be a church of satan, posing as a new church of Christ, without Jesus in it.
      The antichrist is coming from that church.
      He is an AI driven robot that can levitate, and make others levitate.
      It has no soul and appears as a male.
      It is not human.
      The dream is about masks, the mask represents the EGO that the goats will have, that replaces their souls. This antichrist will also appear as a hologram.
      It hypnotizes people and effects their frontal lobes.
      He will roll out the new “order” (satanism) digital currency and mark of the beast.
      When that happens everyone will choose God and their souls, or Satan/the antichrist and their egos.
      After that the black sun and its satellites, HELL will come. It is like freezing cold and burning Hot at the same time. it exudes darkness and demons and life-killing energy.
      The lies of the synagogue of satan pave the path to eternal Hell, if you accept and believe them as true.
      Only the truth from Jesus Christ can save your souls and set you free.
      When it comes, there will be 3 days of darkness. It will come in the middle of the wars.
      I believe ww3 will begin with civil wars and surprise attacks from the enemy, Russia, China and their secret hidden hand, Israel.
      In any case, the end will come before May 2023.
      There will never be a 2024 election.
      Many people are already going through ‘orientation’ for what Hell will be like.
      Those who are with God, have nothing to fear.

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