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Final Days Worldwide Premiere

    Stew Peters Network – Streamed on: May 30, 8:03 pm EDT

    From the Directors of Died Suddenly’: Final Days’ Exposing the Scientific Technological Elite and their desire to become gods. The Covid pandemic was the test run for an even more sinister plot to come.

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    1 thought on “Final Days Worldwide Premiere”

    1. The fallen angels did not “create” Hell. The devil cannot create.
      They destroyed their own world, and it is dead, a dead corpse of a world that was once alive.
      They once had a mother earth and they killed it with endless wars, then it was obliterated.
      The fallen angels live in Hell but it is a dead world they DESTROYED.
      They are attempting to do the same here on earth.
      Hell is a spirit world, no longer a physical reality.
      You do not get a new living mother earth, if you killed your original one.
      The same with earth, it is getting to that, since the devil has so much power on earth.
      The devil takes over all soulless bodies and places demons from hell into them.
      They are also a part of technology and AI. They are only spirit conscious and can possess anything that has no soul and is satanic.
      The devil tried to Kill God and take his place, so he will never be part of God’s world again.
      Because the ones who killed Christ, did the same, they will never reconnect to God and serve Satan only, giving Satan all the power he now has on earth.
      They want to make all of you soulless, so that all the demons of Hell can take over your bodies.
      They will be taking many more souls before they go.
      They want robot soulless bodies for those demons to reside in.
      That is their transhumanism.
      Why? Because Hell is a pyramid. The most evil at the top.
      The bottom of that pyramid, is the slave class.
      The grey are a species that were made into robot slaves with technology by the fallen angels of Hell.
      Many of these robot bodies wear out eventually.
      They want new bodies, to replace the old.
      The devil can only destroy. The devil does not ever keep his bargains.
      Whatever you want from him he uses to control you, like a carrot in front of your nose to make you lose your soul. Then once you think you can have that carrot, the tables will turn and you will have it taken away and end up in eternal Hell.

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